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“Grammatical Errors In Pakistani Students’ Written Language”

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What would be the writing condition of those students whose teachers’ own writing condition is quite shameful. Pakistani English teachers make an average of two to three mistakes per sentence. This is the reason why students are unaware of basic concepts and they make lots of mistakes. Thus their writings are of no standard. Mostly, Pakistani students’ written language contains structural and usage based grammatical errors, which need to be pointed out and hence are discussed briefly.

On the first place, the errors regarding structural mistakes are commonly found in Pakistani students’ writings. Students make the most common errors in tense structures. for example, I am drink, or she is watering etc. plus the mistakes of s, or es in present simple tense is quite confusing. Moreover inappropriate knowledge of causative structures leads the students to present the idea of having ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, placing the right word on the right place is a great problem. Not knowing the correct usage of words, students on the basis of their vocabulary form sentences which seem floating in the air. Such as adjectives and adverbs almost carry the same meaning with a little difference in usage and so does the noun and verb and usually students are confused at usage as a result they place the wrong word at the wrong place. For example, “I have taken the lunch proper”(x)
Here proper is an adjective which always comes before noun and in order to use after noun we need adverb of proper that is properly hence the correct sentence will be
I have taken the proper lunch. (√)
Or I have taken the lunch properly. (√)
Similarly for noun and verb,
“She examples of her neighbor”(x)
is wrong because example is a noun and the correct will be
“She gives the example of her neighbor”. (√)
In addition the incorrect use of articles and punctuation is so common in Pakistan that it is not considered as even an error usually. Furthermore state verbs like own, believe, love, hate that can not usually be continuous are commonly used in continuous form
For Example: The farmer is owning the land. (x)
The farmer owns the land. (√)

To conclude with, Learning grammar is not just a matter of memorizing rigid laws laid down by English teachers, but as one becomes attuned to the whys and hows of language use, Instead of seeing grammar as an obstacle; he'll find that it helps keep your writing clear, fluid, and readable. Thus, if Pakistani students are availed with highly educated teachers since primary, they will grow up with good written language with no errors.

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