Greek Culture/Society And Homosexuality Essay

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Daniel Smithson
HIS-321 (Ancient World of Greece & Rome)
Analysis Paper
Greek Culture / Society and Homosexuality

Greek Culture / Society and Homosexuality

Daniel Smithson

Southern New Hampshire University
Professor Charles Disantis

Daniel Smithson
HIS-321 (Ancient World of Greece & Rome)
Analysis Paper
Greek Culture / Society and Homosexuality
Ancient Greece:

The golden age of the Grecian empire said to span the years 500 to 300 BCE.

This time gave breath to the great philosophers Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. This
was also the time of great playwrights such as ...view middle of the document...

). Where older
(20 plus years of age) Married men whom were stable or a structure in society,
would take younger men (between 13-19 years of age) as wards or squires. These
relationship were always first approved by the young mans family and the young
man, and more often romantic or sexual in nature, as well as educational.

The practice of Paiderasteia was considered normal and healthy in Grecian
society where the older man was meant serve as model for courage, virtue and
wisdom; these young men would go on the marry women and father children just as
with other Homosexual behavior because the Greeks believed that the male
sexuality was fluid. In the patriarchal society, women were seen as property and
meant only to carry on bloodlines. Although women in this society were treated
well, they did not share the same respect as men. It was often considered that men
with homosexual ties and the practice of Paiderasteia was necessary as men held
higher station and had far greater affect on society than women.

Men, of course, spent the majority of their time with other men, in social,
political or militaristic gathering and environments. The company of women was
not kept because women were not of station in society. So the idea of Male-Male
relationship made sense in Grecian culture e.g. “Women were for making and

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