Greek Gold Jewelry Essay

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Greek Gold Jewelry
The Toledo Art Museum in Toledo, Ohio has an elaborate collection of art from the Hellenistic Age. For Example, the Greek Gold Jewelry that stopped me in my tracks. The piece is currently a permanent exhibit that is located in the Ancient Civilization in the Great Gallery on the second floor of the Museum.
As I entered the museum on that hot, sunny Sunday afternoon, several patrons were among various art pieces and exhibits. The museum is dark and dreary. Very little lighting is in the museum except what shines through the windows. Many of the works of art were encased in glass or roped off. Several overhead lights illuminated from above on the exhibits. As I made ...view middle of the document...

Alexander’s contact with other cultures brought a vast variety of wealth, high-class society members, and a large scale of characteristics, as well as spread Greek principles to a renowned world (Cooper). This gave way to a more global culture, and the entire Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East flourished in surroundings of diversity, trade, and influences. During this time art underwent dramatic transformations and evolved on the road paved previously by the Classical artist. While the Classical Greek concepts were not entirely abandoned, the artist of the Hellenistic era expanded their horizons with dramatic posing with statues, sweeping lines, and high contrast of light, shadow and emotions in their paintings. The classical period gave way to the experimentation and a sense of freedom that allowed the artist to explore new ways of dealing with emotional effect, individual experience, and ornate detail (Thompson). Art varied in subject matter and techniques; most of it was created during an age-distinguished history (Art of the Age and the Hellenistic Tradition). Artist imitated and tailored earlier approaches as well as improvements, which consisted of a wide range of subject matter, carving techniques, and delicate opaque fabrics (Art of Age and the Hellenistic Tradition). During the Hellenistic age a wide range of jewelry was also produced necklace, pendants, armbands, diadems, elaborate headdress, as well as other intricate pieces (Hellenistic Jewelry). Many of the pieces of jewelry had an affiliation with the gods and goddesses. The detailed embellishments, of plant and animals motifs were used on the pieces of jewelry to represent the gods or goddess. In the diadem the Herakles (Hercules to the Romans) knot is a representation of because he tied the skin of a lion of Nemea, it also is a...

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