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aWhat role does the chorus play in the play? In ancient Greek plays, the role of the chorus was to sing lyrical passages. The lyrical passages were set up by the writer and the chorus would then perform dance movements to compliment those lyrics. In today¡¦s day and age, it is the cast members in many musicals who depict the role as the chorus. However, in some cases, the chorus also helps assist the modern reader in interpreting ancient terminology used during that period. I believe that the chorus held a very important role in the play Antigone, by Sophocles. The loyal and religious citizens of Thebes, who are very devoted to their state, represent the chorus. These citizens ...view middle of the document...

¡¨ I feel that the chorus adds flavor to the play. In other words, it is used as a seasoning in the dish (play). No matter how good the chef (writer) is, without the seasoning (chorus), he is unable to provide that special flavor, that zest (interest), that the meal (play) needs in order to add that complimenting appeal in to his (writers) work. In the same notion, the chorus is added to help spice up the play, and not leave the audience wondering what the writer was trying to imply through his work. Sophocles and other dramatists use ¡§the chorus¡¨ as a notable element to portray an image, or an idea that they base their work on. In Antigone, Sophocles uses the chorus to show the chief concerns of the people of Thebes. As a matter of fact, all the tragic events occurring throughout the play are seen through the eyes of the chorus. When learning about history, we hear about the changes in form or the revision of style in an entity over a specific period of time. We realize that given an interval of a few years or more, almost everything from man to machine advances, and becomes more improved. Similarly in literature, the style or format evolves to adjust to the change...

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