Green Building Essay

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J K Dadoo
Secretary (Environment)
Govt. of Delhi

By the year 2050 it is estimated that residential,
commercial and institutional buildings will consume
38% of global energy and release 3800 mega tones
of carbon in the atmosphere.
Climate change by itself can also precipitate larger
energy demand as people seek greater comfort
levels in more extreme conditions.
The first Government Green building is coming up as
the IGP office in Gulbarga.
25 million sq. ft. of green buildings are being
constructed all over India and more than 100
buildings have reportedly registered for LEED rating
programme. The ...view middle of the document...

The building sector has the single largest potential
for energy efficiency and it is estimated that 20%
savings are clearly possible by adopting the green
building concept.

Directions to all Departments of the Govt.
Under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, the
following directions have been issued by the
Govt. of Delhi:
- Mandatory use of Solar Water Heating
- Mandatory use of CFLs and Electronic Chokes
CFLs and
in Government Buildings and Government
Aided Institutions, Boards, Corporations.
- Mandatory use of ISI marked Motor Pump
sets, Power Capacitors, Foot/Reflex Valves etc.
in agriculture sector.
- In consultation with the Manufacturers and
Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (GOI),
Rs.6,000/- is given as rebate/incentive to
Rs.6,000/ is
domestic user of SWH.

The Energy & Resources Institute, New
Delhi appointed as Consultant for
implementation of the various provisions of
the Energy Conservation Act in the State.
In selected areas of three DISCOMs, viz.
DISCOMs viz.
I.P. Extension, Vikaspuri & Rohini Sector – 9
Vikaspuri Rohini
awareness on Energy Efficiency is created
among the members of RWAs. Booklet on
Solar Water Heater & FAQ on Akshay Urja
for children has been published.
NDMC has installed energy efficient lighting
systems and electronic chokes resulting in
1000 KW reduction in demand so far till
2006. In the year 2008, it will be to the
tune of 560 KW and 2000 KW in 2009.

Green Buildings by Delhi
Government Departments
For the Green Building concept, several departments
of the Delhi Govt. are taking the following steps:
Municipal Corporation of Delhi is adopting this
concept in its 28 storeyed new civic center coming up
storeyed new
at Minto Road and in its multilevel car parking.

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