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Green Computing Research Project – Case Study 1

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Project Charter




April 22, 2012

Project Title: Green Computing Research Project – Part 1: Project Integration Management
Date of Authorization: April 23, 2012
Project Start Date: April 23, 2012 Project Finish Date: October 22, 2012
Project Manager: Name, (XXX) xxx-xxxx, email
Summary Schedule:
* Research possible applications of green computing to be delivered as follows:
* Data center and overall energy efficiency (deliver on 1st month)
* The disposal of electronic waste and recycling (deliver on 2nd month)
* Telecommuting (deliver on 3rd month)
* Virtualization of server resources (deliver on 4th month)
* Thin client solutions (deliver on 5th month)
* Use of open sources (deliver on 5th month)
* Development of new software to address green computing for internal use and potential sale to other organizations (deliver on 6th month) ...view middle of the document...

The project manager will not only manage the project, but will also do some research, writing, editing, and the like required to produce the desired results. The objectives describe the purpose of the project and what the project will achieve from a business perspective. Generally, the project is considered to be successful if the project objectives are met successfully (Mochal, 2007).
Project Success Criteria: The project sponsor has authorized the five workers to work virtually on the project since they are located from different parts of the world.
Summary of Planned Approach:
* Have weekly review meetings with the core project team and the sponsor
* Conduct thorough application software testing. Provide deliverables as scheduled
* Develop a clear work breakdown structure and Gantt chart detailing the work required
* Purchase required hardware that meet ISO 9000 and ISO 8402 TQM standards
* Utilize good project management practices using all knowledge areas
* Meet with the sponsor to close the project and deliver all organization assets
Name Role Position Contact Information
Mr. Ben Fisher | Project Sponsor | CIO | |
Mr. Torry Staten | Project Manager | Manager | |
Mr. C | Team Member | Graphic Designer | |
Mr. D | Team Member | Software Programmer | |
Mr. E | Team Member | IT Specialist/Analyst | |
Mr. F | Team Member | Application Developer | |
Mr. G | Team Member | Architecture & Design | |

Signed via e-mail from Ben Fisher dated April 20, 2012.
A good charter should be clear and concise. It should contain information about the purpose of the project, the benefits and objectives, a measurable set of success criteria, the name of the project sponsor, the list of stakeholders, and the product description and deliverables (Tangco, 2010).

Mochal, T. (2007) Make sure your project deliverables are aligned to your objectives retrieved from
Tangco, R. (2010) Project Charter: How Important Is It? Retrieved from

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