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Green Data Centers Essay

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Green Data Centers:
Data center is a warehouse where we can store, manipulate, manage and disseminate the data. All the data handling equipment consume a huge amount of energy. To run a data center, it needs power or energy i.e. electricity. It has some effects on surroundingswhich can be either environmental for example CO2 emission, heat etc. or non-environmental decrease in efficiency. In order to make it efficient with both aspects environmental and non environmental there are some mechanisms so that a data center could be energy efficient and environment friendly. We can call it green data centers.
Digital data grows tremendously day by day. Growth of data demands of ...view middle of the document...

Research Questions:
1. How to make a data center which consumes less power as well as it is environment friendly?
2. What are the metrics which should consider for green data center?
3. Design such algorithms which distribute the workload among multiple data centers so energy efficiency can be obtained?
Literature review:
For energy efficiency and cost efficiency in traditional data centers some metrics and technologies are devised so that a data center can become a green data center.
Lizhe Samee described some categories of metrics which we can be used to make data center green e.g. its CO2 emission, humidity level, cooling system or thermal control, power or energy usage as well as multiple indicators at different levels in a data center can be used as a metric. In developing the metrics to make a data center green, some driving features should be considered. First of all, the metric which is under consideration should be economical. Secondly, it should be environment friendly. Moreover, there should be a performance metric which can keep an eye on whether energy efficiency by greening a data center put any negative impact on the computation performance or not. Performance metrics which should be taken under consideration are like itshould be stable enough so that different types of data centers can adapt it. It should be balanced so that whole system can perform perfectly . For all types of situations which can be expected in the future, metric should be evaluated before so that it can cater a foreseen problem [1].
Xiao Yi discuss in their study that, to make data centers green, it has to use green cooling systems, green components etc.By making a group of different metrics technologies are developed. These technologies are divided into three levels. These levels are Energy efficiency and cooling, energy efficient components, energy efficient management[2]. Energy Efficiency and Cooling is hardware or system based level. Electricity and refrigeration in a system use a major fraction of total cost used to run a data center. According to a survey report less than 45% of total cost used in IT equipment and most of the remaining part used for cooling and energy efficiency. In a report about energy consumption says that 49% of total power used in non-computing areas like power distribution to different components, to run UPS, generators and fans etc.
There are many different cooling techniques like “Dynamic Smart Cooling” it use sensors to limit heating effects, by using this technique usage of power decreases from 117kw to 72 kw.Second technique is ”Air Conditioned System” works on per rack level and uses air and ice water to cool the system but this system has a drawback of excessive noise . Third technique is “Spray Cooling System” it cools the system on chip is 3500 times better than the technique which uses air to refrigerate the system. The disadvantage of this system is its complexity. It is hard to design and implement....

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