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Green Economy Essay

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Our economical and environmental conditions are both in a grim state. The United States is at a record breaking economy low and our current environmental circumstances are just as grave. Some feel a green environment will not alleviate our ecological state of affairs but our economic ones as well. Single handedly, implementing a green environment will have a trivial, if any impact at all on our current deteriorating economic crisis. It will take many other ideas and concepts to regain our once surging economy.
The difference between a swelling economy and a dwelling economy is, during a swelling economy consumers are purchasing many goods and services. Whereas in a dwelling economy the ...view middle of the document...

Health insurance is one of the highest expenses for Americans and if a depression were to occur now many families would not be able to afford such a service. As the author points out instead these people would acquire their medical needs at the Emergency Room if at all. A depression in today’s day in age would not necessarily cause people too starve but it would alter their previous food options. Instead of utilizing more healthy options, a family is more likely to select a pre packaged cheaper option. Fast food would increase in popularity due to its low price and readily availability. Putting any “green” logic into play would not begin to address this issue. Most times organic or locally grown foods are significantly more expensive than a pre packaged less green option. In this instance an individual would have to make a logical decision of where to spend that additional money, towards a more environment friendly selection or to pay their increasing healthcare premiums.
In the same reading the author points out even the affluent will start to look more like the middle class. The author addresses more professionals such as lawyers would purchase reasonably priced clothing from a lesser priced retailer instead of higher priced better quality items from a more reputable merchant. This means a person is more likely to shop at a superstore like Target instead of buying more expensive eco friendly vegan clothing. It is common knowledge a retailer such as Target uses an incredible amount of global resources to mass produce cheaper items. These items are not only cheaper in price but also cheaper in quality. So this same lawyer who purchased their clothes at Target will have to buy them repeatedly. This is an extremely wasteful cycle and does not positively contribute to our environment. It is not an accurate assumption to believe this lawyer who can barely make ends meet will make a more eco friendly clothing option and misuse that additional money on vegan clothing.
The author states “Depression 2009” will be a more private...

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