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Environmentalism has an emerged as a worldwide trend as per the requirement of today. The universal facts point out that people are becoming more concerned about the environment and so that they are shifting their behaviour accordingly. As there is change in consumer behaviour that lead to Business firms to rise and start responding to environmental changes. So to face with these companies are by practising green marketing strategies. The environmental friendly products and the Green ...view middle of the document...

Due to the rapid advancement in technology the people has been leading a comfortable lives. The corporate companies as usual been thinking of a new way to promote their product and found to know that people often speaking about the pollution caused. Here comes the holistic concept of Green Marketing. The customers talk just about the pollution because they somehow heard about the word and the damage being caused. Then the companies after educating them about green products then marketed as Green Products. Green Marketing A majority of people believe that green marketing refers solely to the promotion or advertising of products with environmental characteristics. They just think that the words like Phosphate Free, Recyclable, Refillable, Ozone Friendly, and Environmentally Friendly are some of the things consumers most often associate with green marketing. While these terms are green marketing claims, in general green marketing is a much broader concept, one that can be applied to consumer goods, industrial goods and even services. For example, around the world there are resorts that are beginning to promote themselves as “ecotourism" facilities, i.e., facilities that specialize" in experiencing nature or operating in a fashion that minimizes their environmental impact. Thus, green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising. Yet defining green marketing is not a simple task. Indeed the terminology used in this area has varied, it includes: Green Marketing, Environmental Marketing and Ecological Marketing. While green marketing came into prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was first discussed much earlier. Why Is Green Marketing Important? Green marketing offers business bottom line incentives and top line growth possibilities. While modification of business or production processes may involve start-up costs, it will save money in the long term. For example the cost of installing solar energy is an investment in future energy cost savings. Companies that develop new and improved products and services with environmental impacts in mind give themselves access to new markets, substantially increase profits and enjoy competitive advantages over those marketing non-environmentally responsible alternatives.

The Green Marketing Mix:

Product: A producer should offer ecological products which not only must not contaminate the environment but should protect it and even liquidate existing environmental damages. Price: Prices for such products may be a little higher than conventional alternatives. But target groups like for example LOHAS are willing to pay extra for green products. Place: A distribution logistics is of crucial importance; main focus is on ecological packaging. Marketing local and seasonal products E.g.: vegetables from regional farms are easier to be marketed “green” than products imported. ...

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