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Greenhouse Gases Essay

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Greenhouse Gases – Laboratory Assignment
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Test 1
1750, Average temperature coming in at 57 degrees. Nearly an one to one ratio as equal amounts of both carbon dioxide CO2 and Methane CH4. Nitrous Oxide N2O was virtually invisible. It was a clean environment and It would be interesting to see just how fresh the air would have been to breath back in that time frame. There we're only a small rural farms, no automobile fossil fuels being burned.

Test 2
Current: Average temperature coming in at 59 degrees. Carbon Dioxide CO2 is still being developed at a much greater rate with every increasing levels. Methane CH4 is having a harder time escaping, as ...view middle of the document...

N20 Nitrous Oxide, is not escaping, and yellow photons are remaining trapped as well. Carbon Dioxide is escaping at a moderate level, with approximately, 1 out of six molecules bouncing back to earth.

It is an exponential build-up of it with increased pollutions from an expanded mobile society, industrial growth, exploration for more natural resources and agricultural developments all having expanded to meet an increasing population.

2. According to the computer model and your readings, which source(s) of heat-trapping pollution contribute the most to climate change? Explain.

Carbon Dioxide appears to have the most impact and it have to do with the humanities desire to be mobile. From automobiles to air travel this is a continuous elevation to creating a thicker layering keeping the earth warmer. In Addition, as industrial needs expand, there is an additional increase into the layer holding the heat in. While methane and nitrous oxide have greater potency, there is not the same volume as C02 accumulation.

3. Recalling your observations from the three time periods, how has the thickening blanket of heat-trapping pollution affected Earth’s temperature between 1750 and today? How will the blanket and Earth’s temperature look in 2050? Does the simulation predict that positive feedbacks will kick in by 2050 (e.g., does the temperature increase appear to be accelerating)? According to your readings, what might explain positive feedbacks?

In 1750, estimates put the Earths temperatures at 57 degrees. Displayed were one-to-one ratios as equal amounts of both carbon dioxide C02 and Methane CH4. Nitrous Oxide N20 was virtually invisible. There we're small rural farms, no automobile fossil fuels being burned. When we compare this to current temperature at 59 degrees, it is roughly a two degree increased. The industrial age, and a mobile society brought the increase upon us.

The temperature increase from 1750-2012 is only 2 degrees. Estimates placing the temperature at 63, show a significant jump in temperature acceleration with 2050, estimated to be 63 degrees average. That is a 4 degree increase in 1/4 of the time frame.

4. Briefly describe three impacts of climate change on ecosystems and biodiversity. Cite examples from course readings.

Example One: With increased temperatures, the polar caps are melting and providing less of a habitat for the polar bear. Global sea levels could rise a staggering 6 feet from melting land ice alone. If the heat building continues over the next thousand years you could see an...

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