Grievance Procedure Essay

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Raymond Davila
Palm Beach State College
Man 4401
Professor Wendy Powell
April 24, 2013

St. Mary’s Nurse’s Grievances Process, Pros/Cons and costs

This paper discusses how is the grievance procedure of the nurses union in St. Mary’s hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida, as is written in their contract. This paper also shows the pros and the cons of the grievances process and the cost involve in trying to result the grievance.
The grievance procedure starts on page 14 under the article 9 and part a present the definition of what is a grievance. Part B states the procedure and is divided in three steps.
Step 1- A registered nurse should informally attempt to ...view middle of the document...

The union would notify the hospital in writing of the intention. This notice is requiring being in the facility within fourteen calendars days after receiving the response in step 2.
C. Arbitration – There are four steps to follow.
1. An arbitrator that is not having a direct involvement or biased should be select from a specified group. If the group involve in the grievance cannot arrive to an agreement of the selection, then an arbitrator will be selected by alternately striking names from the group until one remain. This procedure need to be done by thirty calendars days after receiving the notification to appeal to arbitration.
2. The arbitrator will choose the time and the place where the hearing would be. Both parties would present their facts, evident and arguments. The decision of the arbitrator is provide in writing and final and binding on the parties. The decision should be make no later than thirty calendars days.
3.The arbitrator does not have the power to alter or adjust the provision already establish by the agreement or make an award on an grievance that come up before the date that is effective, or after the date that grievance is done.
4. The hospital and the union pay equal amounts for all the expenses involve in the arbitration process. These include fees and expenses of the arbitrator and the amount inquire for the facility.
D. Time Limits- The time limit presented by this article must be following strictly, unless both parties mutually decided to extend. If the hospital fails to answer in the time estipulate by this article, the grievance could go to the next step. If the grievant or the union fails to any of the requirement, the hospital will resolve the grievance on the basic of the last response.
E. Both parties agree that nothing in this agreement shall affect the enforceability of...

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