Grinding Mill Using Modern Technology To Promote The Development Of Mining Industry

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In recent years, with China's environmental protection requirements and standards, power plant desulfurization equipment industry in recent years has developed rapidly, the flue gas denitration has become a key field of flue gas desulfurization after the state control of thermal power plant emissions of pollutants.

From the end of the "environmental protection storm 'to the beginning of this year the" Kyoto Protocol "came into effect, from the state has issued a support policies to encourage environmental protection in power to grant generous, signs, and to support national electric power environmental protection industry development is greater, while the flue gas denitration industry is under this background into the development of the fast lane. At the same time, in order to meet the national environmental protection policy, increase the delay of FGD, absorbing advanced technologies from Europe and the Company mill design advanced years ...view middle of the document...

Raymond mill is the new development of milling machine, milling machine and other phase contrast, its advanced technology greatly increased the flue gas desulfurization in power plant, a control force air pollutant emissions, improve air quality and control of acid rain pollution in China's thermal power plant.

Due to the deteriorating environment in recent years, brought an inconceivable disaster to mankind, 2008 blizzard, 5.12 earthquake, these are called on the us to Protect environment, environmental friendly, and power plant flue gas in its possession of most of the share. So the country in recent years vigorously promote the industrialization of flue gas desulphurization and denitrification of flue gas desulphurization project, investment, especially in flue gas desulfurization equipment production, improve the flue gas desulphurization project technology and equipment localization rate and the level of equipment.

Therefore, in the state supporting power plant flue gas desulfurization under the policy of environmental protection equipment, power plant more and more electric power company's welcome, and will become a new profit growth point of the main company. According to statistics, in accordance with the relevant requirements, to 2010 our country need to install desulfurization equipment investment accounted for about 10% of the total investment of the power plant, the 1000000 kilowatt unit investment required for the wet desulfurization device is about 7500000000 yuan, according to 2010 years power plant flue gas desulfurization in China market size is expected to reach 330000000000 yuan.

Power plant desulfurization special milling machine model mill of Zenith -- the European version of ladder mill. Since the launch of the desulfurization milling equipment, by the power companies trust, optimization design of its CAD, more make the design units to save the drawing many valuable computational time, become the world power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment. The company has recently according to national policy requirements, R & D industrial desulfurization special milling machine to become the world's largest industrial mill.

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