Group Decision Making Essay

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Group-Decision Making Assignment
BUS 117: Introduction to Organizational Dynamics
June 17, 2013

Group-Decision Making
What are groups? Groups are “two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives” (Robbins, S.P., & Judge, T.A., 2012). There are different type of groups such as formal groups and informal groups. A formal group is “one defined by the organization’s structure, with designated work assignments establishing tasks” (Robbins, S.P., & Judge, T.A., 2012). An informal group is “neither formally structured nor organizationally determined” (Robbins, S.P., & Judge, T.A., 2012). Groups can be used in about any ...view middle of the document...

P., & Judge, T.A., 2012). If brainstorming is done right, it can overcome the pressure for conformity that dampens creativity and encouraging any and all alternatives while withholding criticism. Brainstorming is usually done by gathering all individuals together around a table and the team leader would state the problem in a clear manner so everyone can understand. Although brainstorming may generate some ideas, according to our text brainstorming does not generate ideas in an efficient manner. Another technique that is used is the nominal group technique. In the nominal group technique, “group members are all physically present, as in a traditional committee meeting, but they operate independently” (Robbins, S.P., & Judge, T.A., 2012). The advantage of this technique is that it does not restrict independent thinking and research has been proven that nominal groups outperform brainstorming groups.
Some strategies for efficient and productive group management integrating concepts would be:
• Communicate clearly and concisely, the first time.
• Praise publicly, counsel privately.
• Acknowledge employees’...

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