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Group Discussion Guidelines Essay

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guidelinesImportant suggested parameters on which the candidates will be evaluated by the Panelists
Subject knowledge

The candidate should express his opinions based on authentic facts, figures and statistics. Please note that content should include only facts and opinions.
If it is a case study, candidate is tested on his ability to read between the lines and his ability to draw analogies to real life situations based on the case study.
Creativity and Originality
Creativity and originality will be gauged based on innovative or thought provoking idea by a candidate. If a candidate is supporting another candidate's viewpoint his score on this parameter will be less howsoever good his content is.
There are two sub parameters ie Tone and Modulation. If a ...view middle of the document...

Pointing fingers, fists etc are negative gestures and candidates need to avoid the same.
Candidates should put their pen down once the GD has started and should refrain from writing anything when the GD is in progress.
Eye Contact
Proper eye contact with the entire group is an essential requisite. A candidate should talk to his team members, not to the examiner.
Analytical ability
This includes both logical and critical reasoning. This checks how well a candidate is able to analyse somebody's viewpoint and also how well is he able to reason his own viewpoint.
Fluency should be checked on the following two parameters:
I. Smoothness in flow of Language
II. Pronunciation
This parameter takes into consideration only the student who has initiated the GD. If he initiates well and is able to put the GD into the right perspective rate him/her high but if he stutters, falters, starts with a stand.
A leader is a person who creates an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation in a GD. A leader is one who:
* Contributes to the GD through his content and ideas.
* Tries to put the GD into proper perspective so as to have a focused discussion on the issue at hand.
* Encourages other candidates to speak
* Coordinates the effort of the GD.
Group behavior
Group behavior is the ability to work well with the team members. Aggression, shouting in a GD, staring somebody, cutting somebody in between, trying to enforce views on others, questioning etc are some of the activities which are against team work.
A candidate who listens to his other team members' views and does not intercept any other group members should be rated high on this parameter. An effective body language-includes attentive posture combined with nodding of the head.

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