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Group Effectiveness Psych Paper

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Today’s Forecast is “Storming” The first couple of meetings did give some good indicators of who might have a tendency to be guilty of a little social loafing; I not exempt. We had plenty of time to let the ideas just kind of jell together at a relaxed pace. I recognized there were a couple of strong students in the group and this helped ease my sense of urgency, knowing I too could social loaf and be more of ready-to-go spectator if they needed some direction. Most of the ideas and direction came from 2-3 people, while at any given time the other 2-3 people in the group just played spectator(social loaf) or were absent while the stronger students completed a task. Towards the ...view middle of the document...

A little cold conflict occurred in the storming stage of our group formation process. I don’t believe we ever said “no I don’t like your idea or no we’re just not going to do that.” Anytime we disagreed, we always seemed to mull it over, and have pros and cons for a better idea at the following meeting. I remember an article that I read about group interaction explained “that to be persuasive in a meeting the meeting participants must like you, and people must willingly support you and approve of your ideas and your positions. The key to increasing your influence and persuading others to support and agree with you is simple: Make others feel important.” The ability to make others feel important is a great communications tool that allows you to open the channel of communication so that conversation flows back and forth rather that in a one way, lecture style flow. Having us come up with a team name during the group formation process is an activity to help kick off the identification process by allowing us from the beginning to refer to ourselves as our team name rather than individual members or as just a group project. We started off approaching the task in the traditional method by separating task; one person look up videos, one person apply the material to the text, and one research facts on the topic, and one person delegating/suggesting the role separations. We did move in to a more team oriented approach after a while, where we all worked together on each task and discussed each step of the project with each team member having their input. Although with the dynamic of our team we did have some team members input more heavily weighed than others due to their personalities and different levels...

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