Growing Up Essay

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Hailey Jaquin Jaquin 1
Professor Kayorie
Writing 101
13 October 2015

The Life of a Broke College Student
Being a broke college student sucks. It makes you reevaluate every single thing that you do. Once you schedule those classes, you have to cut down your work hours in order to do well in school. Then when your hours get cut down, you hit the breaking point of becoming “that broke college student.” I really wish I had someone tell me all these tips I’ve acquired along the way in the beginning to avoid these problems, but luckily I can use them to my advantage now.
The first semester of college, like other kids, I had no idea what I wanted to do. With that being said, I didn’t try in my classes and I skipped a lot. I didn’t even consider all of the money I was wasting or how big of a difference it would make. Not only will you not get a refund, but also you have to retake the class and pay for the ...view middle of the document...

Brand new textbooks cost a fortune, and you might have a friend that took the same class and save money just by borrowing it.
Another factor outside of schoolwork is your food expenses. I still haven’t learned from this, because as of right now I’m typing a paper at Starbucks with my sweet black iced tea and ham and Swiss sandwich that I spent $10 on. When I’m not doing homework at Starbucks, I’m at school doing it in the school library with the Tim Horton’s I bought. A tip for my fellow classmates, bring snacks from home or make a meal plan, don’t waste it on fast food. Or bring water bottles from home and use your travel mugs to your advantage instead of buying coffee at Tim Horton’s. All of those bagels and coffees add up, I end up spending probably $300 on food each month just by binge eating.
Another one of my “broke college student issues” is my religion for shopping. Before college, I worked for the sole purpose of shopping. I didn’t even care if they were full price, I would buy it on an impulse. After my first year of wasting money on clothes and realizing I give half of them away, I started signing up for coupons and using sale apps on my phone to get discounts. If I was going to be a shopaholic I could at least save money. Another thing I found out is that you could get discounts by showing your student ID. You can get discounts on so many things using your student ID, Thursday’s the AMC theatre gives out offers if you show your student ID, stores give 10% off, you get 30% off shipping with FedEx, even food places like Dairy Queen give you discounts.
So many things you do in your every day life can add up and build a ton of stress that you can easily avoid by using saving tips. So many of my friends spend all of their
Jaquin 3
money going out every weekend and end up complaining about it every day. I picked up the hobby of playing guitar to keep me occupied, it saves money and it gets my mind off of school. My suggestion to other students, use an organizer, put a few dollars in a saving jar after work, and just save up as much as possible. Saving is key to a college student on a budget. Sometimes you have to go through a stressful financial stage in your life to make you grow up and realize the more important things.

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