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Freedom is what makes our country so unique and great. Yet President Obama is in favor of limiting the number of guns a person can buy, and stopping the sales of semi-automatic weapons. He is also trying to enact laws limiting the amount of ammunition any one person is allowed to have, and has also supported the all-out ban of handguns, which is a clear violation of the right to bear arms as protected by the 2nd Amendment. The president and other politicians are trying to limit everyone’s access to guns in an ...view middle of the document...

This is obviously completely untrue; it’s illogical to say that if someone is willing to murder someone with a gun, they would be just as willing to illegally purchase a gun to perform the act.
American patriot Patrick Henry once made an impassioned speech to his fellow Virginians when pondering the fate of the American colonies, which at the time were facing the violent oppression of Britain. He concluded his speech with a clarion call for every subsequent revolutionary and lover of freedom: Give me liberty, or give me death (History Place , 2007) . From this ideal sprang every great piece of legislation that the United States would enact, including the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, that guarantees the rights of citizens to bare arms . With the increasing gun violence in the country, and calls for strict gun control laws, those who prefer to sacrifice freedom for the possibility of security are threatening these rights. However whether or not guns should be legal is a debate that has no easy answers, though gun control should be limited and gun education should be greatly improved. A main part of keeping guns legal and reducing the violence caused by them is to accept the responsibilities that come with owning guns and combine that with proper education
The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution says "A well-regulated militia , being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms , shall not be infringed ( "America in Close-up "-E .Fiedler , R .Jansen , M .Norman-Risch , page 106), and this is where the problem initiates. Some utter that according to its plain meaning, the 2nd Amendment does not offer the right to hold guns by a person but it is connected to the preservation to the militia The protection of an individual is left for a militia but as I will introduce the following facts you can see for yourself that it is rather hard for a "militia " to protect every citizen in the country. Undoubtedly, the U.S. has roughly 500,000 detectives , of which just 75 ,000-150,000 is on perambulation at any fixed time to secure 250 million Americans (one representative for every 1,667-3,333 civilians).
In America you are innocent until proven guilty. We do not preemptive judge anyone before they commit a crime. This is what separates us from the rest of the world. We are not serfs that need to be told what to do by a tyrant or government.
Let’s look at the so called civilized countries in the UN.
In Australia and Britain the gun related deaths are low because they eliminated gun ownership to their law abiding citizens. This is logical. The part the anti-gun crowd doesn't tell you is that violent crimes increased significantly after law abiding citizens gun rights were taken away in these countries. According to the EU Commission Britain ranks number 1 in violent crimes 2,034 per 100,000 residents followed by number 2 Australia 1,677 per 100,000 residents then number 3 South...

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