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Gun Control: American Vs The Nra

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     It is a Friday afternoon in Charlesbay High School. Students are piling into the lunch lines awaiting hot pizza, fresh French fries and ice-cold sodas. As the students discuss what they are going to do after the football game and how their 1st hour test was, a gunshot is heard not far away. The students are ordered to stay low to the ground by school security guards. None of the students know what is happening outside the lunch lines. What is going on is a 17-year old frenetic boy who attends Charlesbay, got upset with a couple students. He was sick of hearing them call him “dumb” or “butterball” and pushing him around the hallways. Robby, we’ll ...view middle of the document...

     I. It is happening all over the country: kids are dying from guns. (Restatement)
A. According to the governments statistics, 4, 223 children were killed by firearms in 1997, while many of these deaths occurred while playing at a friends’ home or even in their own neighborhood (Bai 32).
1.It is mostly due because their parents or other gun owners do not store their firearms properly, and children find loaded guns and use them unintentionally on themselves or other children.
B. Additionally, guns injure thousands of children each year. Some experts believe that gun-related deaths/injuries could replace car crashes as the leading death for youths. So what can be done to protect kids and guns? (Rhetorical question)
1. Childproof trigger locks could be a beneficial solution. In having this on each and every gun could reduce a child’s death by 67% (Fineman 34). With poor trigger resistance, a gun can be fired by a three-year old, while many guns can fire when dropped on the floor.
2. Many popular semi-automatic handguns lack magazine safety disconnects or loads indicators. This means that many children have no way of knowing that a gun appears unloaded actually has a bullet in the chamber, ready for a fire.     
3. Child safety locks. A prohibition on the possession assault weapons by minors. A ban on importation of large-capacity ammunition clips. It is ludicrous to see the gutting of the Second Amendment in any of these. We register cars in this country, why not guns? (Aphorism).
C. The horrible massacre in Colorado shows just how gun control works in the real world-which is safe to say that is doesn’t. Under the laws of Colorado, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were able to own rifles and shotguns, but were too young to buy them. They found a way though by having their 18-year-old friend Robyn Anderson buy the firearm and while buying them, he also picked up two shotguns and a 9mm-HiPoint carbine for their attack. They also were able to get a TEC-DC9 (Murr 34).
D. Somebody of legal age sold this particular handgun to him or her, but that person could face prosecution. The sickening part is, their sentence could only be 2-6 years in prison. A light sentence with such a serious crime committed and the outcome of that crime of 15 dead. (Anecdote).
E. It should not take a Columbine, Jonesboro or another pre-school incident (allusion) to make the people realize that children are more at risk from fire arms than any other country. Yes, cars do kill children: so do poorly made toys and swimming pools and dozens of household products. But out of all the thousands of products with which children have contact, only one-firearms-are completely exempt from consumer protection regulations. Why does our government recall and ban hundreds of products when even few children are killed or injured by these flawed designs? (Rhetorical question)
1. Recently, some schools have created “peanut-free zones” in...

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