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Gun Control In Canada Are Strict Registration Rules Working?

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Guns. Dangerous and powerful, yet, its usage is constantly encouraged. Media portrays them as toys. The local Toys-R-Us carries hundreds of different toy guns so that children can pretend to shoot others. "Are we a nation of gun nuts or are we just nuts?" is the question proposed by Michael Moore's documentary on guns and violence, Bowling for Columbine. Gun control in Canada can be traced back to 1892, when there was a minimum sentence of six months for anyone who carried a firearm. ( Similar to most laws, it will change and evolve to better society as time passes. Correspondingly, definitions and penalties regarding gun ...view middle of the document...

The essential purpose of Bill C-68 is to reduce the number of crimes involving firearms. Instead, this law has wasted millions a dollars, possibly even a billion dollars, and created a process that does not even work.Bill C-68 highlights the registration of all firearms into a database. There is an estimated 16 million guns in Canada. ( Gun Control50.htm) To have every single gun registered must therefore be costly. In December 1995, the government told Canadians it would cost $85 million to setup the registry. However, three months prior to December 1, 1998 (the day the registry would begin), it was released that the cost has jumped to $133 million - and not one gun has been registered yet. If it costs $133 million to register zero guns, how much will it cost to have Canada's firearm owners register their guns? Ontario Solicitor General Bob Runciman says, "For $133 million, 1,000 more police officers could be hired - who could track down real criminals, not harass firearm owners." (Blizzard, p.17, 1998)Furthermore, the controversial Bill C-68 requires all firearms to be registered, whether it is a handgun, shotgun, or rifle. The problem with this is that most of Canada's "long guns" are owned by farmers or hunters. Crimes are very rarely committed with rifles and/or shotguns."Statistics Canada reported in 1996 that there were a total of 291,437 crimes of violence. O this total, there were 121,291 incidents where weapons were involved. Only 2.2% involved firearms. Of the violent offences where firearms were involved, 75% involved handguns (almost all unregistered) and only 7% involved rifles and shotguns. Still, the government ignores this evidence and decides to spend hundreds of millions to register rifles and shotguns, which represent only 0.15% of the violent crime problem in Canada." ( breitkreuzgpress/990628)If long guns only account for 0.15% of violent crimes, why does the government spend so much of Canadian's hard-earned tax dollars on such a trivial problem? The cost greatly outweighs its benefits.Auditor General Sheila Fraser revealed that the program would hit $1 billion by 2005. Documents gained through the Access to Information Act revealed that a large part of this $1 billion went towards a computer system that was supposed to be used to track registered guns. This computer system was initially estimated to cost $1 million. Expenses rose close to $750 million and the system is still not functioning properly. ( With a computer worth $750 million, it is expected that it would at least work. The Department of Justice admitted in 1995 that they would spend $50 to $60 million a year just to operate this system. Moreover, Bureaucrats in the Department of Justice told Canadians that there were only two hundred workers in the firearms registry program. However, the Research Branch of the Library of...

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