Gun Control Survey Essay

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Gun Control Attitude Survey
February 4, 2013
Deborah Ford

Purpose of Survey
* The topic of gun control laws has been a major topic in the beginning of 2013. On December 14th 2012, 28 people died in a mass shooting at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut (Technology Wire, 2012). The shooting brought a gun control debate among the United States citizens and the government. The government is focusing on stricter gun laws and possibly limiting the number of bullets in magazines. This survey is to determine the general opinion on gun control laws in the Ajax Company IT department. The employees verbally discussed the topic in the office and different opinions stated about ...view middle of the document...

The website allows the designer to choose what kind of questions will be administered from multiple choices to fill in the blank questions. Each question in the survey was given a yes, no or true, false answer with all questions presenting a choice of undecided. The undecided was an option because some people are unsure and leaving the participant only two options may be looked at as bias.
* The eight employees all received a link in their emails to the survey website. The website presented four questions. The first question asked if they believed the current United States gun laws were sufficient. This question was chosen due to the current gun laws being debated. The results weighed in with two selecting yes, three selecting no, and three undecided.
* The second question asked if the statement, “guns do not kill people, people kill people” is true, false, or undecided. This is a popular well-known question that many people have debated. This question will show how responsible the survey participant holds the person or the gun. Five participant’s felts guns were more responsible, two felt the guns were responsible, and one participant was undecided.
* The third question deals with a current proposal from the President of the United States. Obama and his advisers have signaled that they intend to push a broad and ambitious set of anti-gun-violence proposals in Congress, including a ban on military-style assault weapons and a limit on the number of bullets in magazines (Rucker, 2013). The question asks if the participant thinks it is unconstitutional to limit the amount of bullets an American can own and bank military assault rifles for Americans. This question is controversial because many Americans think that if the government puts limits on their constitutional rights, it...

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