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Gunner Pass Driving School Essay

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Gunner Pass Driving School

A good location for any business is vital. You might need to be right
in the middle of the city, or you could be better off in an out of
town Retail Park or Industrial Estate. To decide what location is
best, businesses should think about:

* Will we attract passing trade
* Will we make regular trips to the bank or a postal depot
* Will there be public transport links nearby

Whatever option a business goes for, there will be disadvantages. An
office in a rural setting might be relaxing, but could be awkward for
staff or suppliers making deliveries. Being right in the middle of a
city can be very convenient, but also more expensive.

Adrian has ...view middle of the document...

Adrian’s car
runs on Diesel the reasons for this are:

• It’s cheap
• More Mileage
• Less pollution

Buying your own premises: advantages and disadvantages

If Adrian feels it neccassery he may decide to buy or rent an office
and premesis. This will be a new location for Gunner Pass. The new
location would need to be in the local area. He is likely only to
consider this if he has plans to expand. Buying a property gives you
the freedom to use it as you wish - subject to planning regulations or
any conditions imposed by the bank. As Adrian is the the owner he will
be in control.

He can:

* Have more flexibility over the management or repair of the

* Have profit from the building if he decides to sell it.

* Let or rent the property out in the future and receive another
income stream.

There are risks Adrian would have to take if he way to buy premesis.

Buying a property could:

* Tie up a lot of his capital, which could be used to set up and
invest in other areas of Gunner Pass.

* Adrian may have to spend money on atlerations or other building

* Adrian would need to be up-to-date with health and safety
regualtions, fire precautions and securtiy of the property.

Identify the key customers and main competitors

When running a driving school, around 70% of the customers will be
young adults turned 17. The other 30% will be older adults who are
starting their lessons at a later age. Drivers who may need a
refresher course or extra tuition also fit into the 30%. Adrian must
set his prices suitably to the age he is working with. People aged
around 17 will probably only have a part-time job, so Adrian must make
his prices affordable but competitive. There are many ways in which a
business can identify its customers. Market research is the most
commonly used, or just seeing the customers which buy your product or
service can also identify the customers. Adrian’s key customers are
young adults. Adrian must advertise in the correct places to attract
the business. As Daventry is constantly expanding. This can only mean
more Driving Schools will be set up in the local area. Adrian must
identify the prices of his competition and adjust his suitably.

Describe the current economic conditions and main environmental
constraints of Gunner Pass

According to government figures. The average family should be £220
better off more than last year. This is only happens if the annual
income is over £22,000. The government has also raised the minimum
wage for adults from £4.10 to £4.85. This together, means that more
money is available to be spent. Adrian will possibly raise his prices
slightly, so more money will be coming into the business. This would
help him with his bills and mortgage, which is on the increase. Due to
a low unemployment rate in Daventry, people are getting more money and
wanting to spend it. Adrian could possibly increase his advertising to

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