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The safety and security of our students should be of the utmost importance not just before and situation occurs, this is especially important during the moments after a hostile event happens. Recent events have shown that police response time can be the difference between saving lives and putting a successful end to the rampage. According to CNN the police response time for the Sandy Hook shooting was twenty minutes. The Newtown Police Station that responded to the shooting is less than three miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School. Dispatchers at the police station started receiving calls from inside the school at 9:30 a.m. During this time, the gunman was able to walk the halls and ...view middle of the document...

This reduces the loss of lives and injury and will provide school officials the opportunity to gain command and control of the situation instead of dealing with the chaos and loss of accountability of school officials and students during emergencies that normally result in parents worrying about the whereabouts and safety of their children.
While some people may say it’s illegal for teachers to carry guns, the second amendment states otherwise. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of individual Americans to keep and bear arms. Preventing the innocent from protecting the innocent is nonsensical. Denying teachers the right to bear arms gives future attackers a sense of invulnerability because they know their actions will be met with fear, will cause chaos and destruction and they will most surely succeed at their mission. Teachers are rational thinkers and for the most part, want to lead substantial and meaningful lives. They are known to analyze their lives and find solutions to life’s problems. On the other hand, school attackers have been known to be irrational and have had issues in their childhood that may have contributed to the actions taken. The school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi and Pearl High School is a perfect example of this. The shooter, Luke Woodham, stated that, “all throughout my life, I was ridiculed, always beaten, always hated.”
“The Department of Education teamed up with the US Secret Service to profile the shooters including their backgrounds, motivations and plans called The Secret Service Safe School Initiative. This research was able to produce some valuable insights such as, most...

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