Hair And The Hippie Culture Movement

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All these topics will be discussed in the research, trying to cover an analysis of all the stereotypes the film deals with and giving explanations to the expectation breaking the spectator suffers while watching the film.PlotHair is a musical film focusing on the lives of two young men in the Vietnam era against the backdrop of the hippie culture.Claude Hooper Bukowski (John Savage) is an Oklahoma farm boy heading to New York City to enter the Army and serve in the Vietnam War. Once in Central Park, he meets a troupe of free-spirited hippies led by George Berger (Treat Williams), a young man who introduces him to debutante Sheila Franklin (Beverly D'Angelo) when they crash a dinner party at her home, where she secretly enjoys the disruption of her rigid environment. The group is arrested, and once at the prison, Woof's (Don Dacus) refusal to have his hair cut leads into the title song.In the following days, Claude participates for a few days of culture and hippie lifestyle, including LSD and pacifism initiation.Claude's acid-trip reflects his internal conflict over which world he belongs in -his own native Oklahoman farm culture, the upper class society of Sheila or the free-wheeling world of the hippies.Inevitably, Claude is sent off to recruit training in Nevada. Once he has been recruited, his hippie friends organize a long journey from New York to see him, but at the military base they are not let get in touch with Claude, whereupon they kidnap an officer and Berger enters the base impersonating him. Berger finds Claude and replaces him at the military base, while Claude leaves the base dressed as an officer to meet with Sheila and the others for the last time. But at such times, while Claude is away, the base is mobilized and Berger is forced to board a plane to Vietnam, where he dies.The film ends with a view of the cast in Arlington Cemetery and George's headstone and the song "Let the Sunshine In" at Berger's grave. As the song continues, the movie closes with crowd shots of a full scale peace protest outside the White House in Washington.Context∙ Historical BackgroundAfter World War II, the USA became the most important World power. The efficiency and productivity of the US economy improved markedly. During the 1960's the United States experienced its longest uninterrupted period of economic expansion in history. In the 1960's housing and computer industry overpowered automobiles, chemicals, and electrically powered computer durables. Big business dominated the domestic economy during this time.The federal government position in the economy continued growing during the decade. The government played several economic roles: it was at once a consumer, an employer, a regulator and a social welfare agency.As a consumer, it pumped billions of dollars into the economy by supporting scientific research, buying military equipment, building highways, and competing with the Soviet Union. As an employer it provided large numbers of civilian...

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