Half + Half 1000 Acre Project

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Background of Mityana District

Mityana district is one of the areas in Uganda which used to depend entirely on forest resources and rain-fed agriculture. But due to high population pressure and demand for agricultural land and forest products, forests are severely depleted; rainfall patterns have become unpredictable making it hard for farmers to decide when and what to plant. The most common aspect of climate change in Mityana is prolonged dry seasons. Failure to plant at the right time, bad choice of seeds, and use of poor agronomic practices that has often led to low crop yields, Low crop yields have caused food ...view middle of the document...

The goal of the project
To conserve Natural Forest patches or piece land for trees and vegetation regeneration and reducing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change among farmers of Kikandwa Sub County in Mityana district.

Its main objectivesare:
1. To promote Half +Half 1000 Acre Community Forest Project and to introduce Analog Forestry to the community and make farmers understand the value of forests and it’s ecological Functions in their livelihood and to combat climate change.
2. To have one thousand acres of community forest standing on more than 500 acres of land through reserving half an acre and more land for forest conservation, tree planting and regeneration purposes.
3. To give advice to the community members to plan and design farmland well for increased own ecological and increased food and nutrition security and economic benefits and sensitize each and every community member to get proper documents for his/her own land from the proper authorities in time rather than giving chance to the land grabbers to confiscate their land.
4. Advocate for food sovereignty for democratization of the food system so that all people have the right to health and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods and have the right to define their own food and agricultural systems, and start to advocating for the setting up of food banks which fight hunger by collecting unwanted food from distributors, individual households, supermarkets and local markets.
5. To sensitize each and every community member to get proper documents for his/her own land from the proper authorities in time rather than giving chance to the land grabbers to confiscate their land where they have been earning a living.
Socio-economic Benefits of the project
Apart from effective carbon sequestration, the project enables rural farmers to invest in sustainable resource management using payments received from activities carried on their forests. Farmers have gained access to local and national markets for building poles, wood, fruit, medicinal extracts in form of concoctions, fodder for animals and bees. In future, the farmers will also gain access to Payment for Ecosystem services (PES) as the project team is still looking for potential partners, markets for timber. Other extra activities have been established in the community like a community nursery which produces seedlings for sale providing extra income to rural communities. In this way, the project builds both local and regional capacity in resilience to climate change.

Environmental Benefits of the project

The Participants in the project conserve portions of land that encourage the regeneration of indigenous trees that are currently endangered species and other plant species contributing to their conservation. Farmers also practice conservation agriculture that is aimed at reintroducing indigenous food species back into the community. These are drought...

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