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Hamlet: A Man Of Many Qualities

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Hamlet: A Man of Many Qualities



Hamlet is a man of many different qualities and he reveals only certain

qualities to certain people.  Hamlet draws his audience, the reader, into

noticing the different qualities that he has.  His qualities are shown through

his conversations with other characters as well as through his soliloquies.

These words of wisdom and revealance help to distinguish how Hamlet feels about

each other character that he encounters.  The phrases and speeches that Hamlet

addresses are both poetic and piercing.  So when Hamlet is speaking, he is

constantly revealing his qualities which range from love, to respect, to hate.
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  Respect is another quality that Hamlet displays in conversation

with his mother.  This occurs when his mother asks him to remain at home rather

than return to school(Act 1, Sc 2, L120©121), which he agrees to do. This shows

that although he disagrees with his mother and her marriage, after such little

mourning for her husband, Hamlet Sr.'s, death, he still respects his mother and

will do what she asks.


Later in the act, Hamlet encounters another character who goes by the name of

Horatio.  Horatio is a good friend, as stated in Act 1, Sc 2, L163, and the

first quality which Hamlet reveals is his respect for Horatio.  In line 176 of

Act 1, Sc 2, Hamlet states "I know you are no truant."  This shows that Hamlet

knows that Horatio is Well educated and takes note of that and gives him respect.

This is respect for Horatio's intelligence and decision© making. Hamlet reveals

trust as a quality within his character towards Horatio.  This occurs in two

places; the first is when he believes Horatio when Horatio says that he has seen

Hamlet's father in the form of a ghost(Act 1, Sc 2, L193© 226).  If horatio were

not a good friend, Hamlet might be angered because he might think that Horatio

was mocking him in his mourning.  Since Horatio is a good friend, Hamlet seeks

all the information about his ghost story.  In faith of Horatio's honesty.  The

second occurrence of trust takes place at the end of Act 1, Sc 5, L129© 201).


After speaking with his father's ghost, Hamlet meets up with Horatio again and

asks for him to swear to secrecy, as well as to be aware of his plan of revenge.

This shows This shows that Hamlet has trust in Horatio, that he need not worry

about the news of his father's ghostly visit in Denmark.  A third, less

significant quality that Hamlet reveals when speaking with Horatio is sarcasm,

which occurs in Act 1, Sc 2, L180©182, when he questions Horatio's real reason

for visiting his home.  When Horatio says that he has come for the funeral of

Hamlet Sr., Hamlet figures that he might really have come to see the wedding of

his mother and his uncle. So Hamlet slashes out a sarcastic comment, only to be

denied by his good and understanding friend, Horatio.  Possibly, this quickly

put together marriage, so soon after the death of his father, has established a

bad seed of sarcasm which could be a quality to which Hamlet cannot be blamed

for at this time.


Loyalty, love and respect are the three main qualities...

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