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Hamlet Essay

711 words - 3 pages

Shefali Das
Mrs. Dolabaille
Tuesday, July 17th, 2015.


William Shakespeare's longest play Hamlet is a late 16th century tragedy set in Denmark. It revolves around the son of a deceased king, Hamlet, of which the name of the play is coined. Hamlet is perturbed by the death of his father, and becomes vengeful upon learning the truth about his murder. This play takes a twist by involving the subplot romance between Hamlet and Ophelia, and the dangerous role their love plays in the death of majority of the characters. This play crosses the importance of many of the characters values, the problems ensued, and the consequences. In this essay I will argue that the ...view middle of the document...

Economically, Ophelia came from a wealthy family, indicating that she was already a respected person in society. The wealthier families had more freedoms than the common people, and were therefore sometimes resented for their power. A good example of this is when the gravediggers show their disapproval saying, "She should in ground unsanctified have lodged/Till the last trumpet." The wealthier audience of the play would have been able to relate to this as there were only about fifty-five noble families in Shakespeare's time, all of whom were close. Her family's wealth granted Ophelia social connections with the royal family, which made her a part of the noble class.
Socially, due to her royal connections Ophelia was granted a semi-Christian burial by the King of Denmark, Claudius. This is an example of her social connections allowing her funeral service to be more than what she deserved. "Her death was doubtful, /And, but that great command o'ersways the order". Furthermore, Queen Gertrude went on to support Ophelia by reinforcing her story about being swept away in the...

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