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Hamlet Hsc To What Extent Is Your Personal Response To Shakespeare’s Exploration Of Conflict In Hamlet Shaped By The Composer’s Use Of Dramatic Techniques?

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Q1 To what extent is your personal response to Shakespeare’s exploration of conflict in Hamlet shaped by the composer’s use of dramatic techniques? (North Sydney Girls 2010 Trial)
The play Hamlet, composed by William Shakespeare in 1601, transcends time to provide a fundamental value and insight into the exploration of conflict. As a responder, I have attained essential comprehension of the complex, multidimensional protagonist, Hamlet. Though his internal conflict expressed through themes such as the verisimilitude especially in relation to deceptive appearances, the central elements of a revenge tragedy, the notion of revenge and justice which hence allows me to attain an insight into ...view middle of the document...

Concurrently, Claudius’ soliloquy exemplifies the deceptive appearances as he contrasts desire for repentance to the actual desire to keep his status as the King. The visual imagery of disease expressed through a metaphor “Oh my offence is rank, it smells to heaven” juxtaposes his outward appearance of a calm and rational king to the inner conflict for murdering his brother. The conflict between Hamlet and Claudius in the praying scene provides dramatic irony due to Claudius’ inability to repent however his appearance states otherwise “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below”. The dramatic techniques of Hamlet’s characterisation to be ‘...mad in craft’ as well as insight into the Machiavellian nature of Claudius through asides reveal the conflict due to verisimilitude of deceit. As a result, Shakespeare’s deliberate portrayal of appearance of reality through techniques allows the audience to understand the internal and external conflict.
The notion of revenge and justice is central to the conflict in this revenge tragedy which is extensively expressed through Shakespeare’s use of dramatic techniques. Shakespeare uses dialogue to demonstrate his filial obligation to his father “if thou hath nature in thee bear it not” hence begging Hamlet to avenge his death. A deep and sincere mourning expressed through black costume and repetitive dark imagery of ‘Inky cloak…suits of solemn black’ enables the Prince to seek retribution by killing Claudius. His responsibility to restore order is demonstrated through rhyming couplets “O cursed spite/ that I was ever born to set it right”, and hyperbolic language is used to emphasise the dramatic tension between responsibility and morality. The symbol and biblical allusion of a serpent alludes to the Garden of Eden therefore Claudius is revealed to the audience as a metaphorical representation of Satan, furthering the injustices resulting in the unnatural disruption of the Chain of Being. Shakespeare deliberately uses animal imagery to demonstrate Hamlet’s disillusionment and injustices in the state due to corruption. The classical allusions and juxtaposition between Hamlet’s idealised father, the “Hyperion”, the Sun God and Claudius the “Satyr” further create the audience to question Claudius and sympathise with Hamlet. Ironically, Claudius too wants to avenge Hamlet as he was behind the downfall of Ophellia and Polonius “revenge should have no bounds” furthers the use of dramatic irony as the audience is exposed to the motives...

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