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Hamlet Movie Scene Analysis

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English Literature
19 June 2009
Hamlet Scene Analysis
When reviewing this weeks research question it was easy for me to choose a version and scene for viewing Hamlet simply because my mind has such vivid imagery of Ophelia's madness. When I reviewed the actresses who have portrayed Ophelia, Kenneth Branagh's 1996 version starring Kate Winslet provided the perfect match for the role established in my mind; beautiful, soft, pensive, yet silently strong. Also, Branagh's Hamlet is easily accessible on YouTube which made viewing an infinite possiblity. YouTube allowed me the opportunity to watch Hamlet at work, at ballet class, at gymnastics class, and of course, at home. I found myself fully ...view middle of the document...

When Kate Winslet re-enters the castle in her white gown and hair flowing it helped me to see the symbolism associated with her clothing. At first, Ophelia is fully covered in a brown sac and a hat over her hair. She is an image of a prude women who cherishes her chastity, but her actions speak of lust and deception. When she re-enters the castle in her heightened madness she is dressed in a white gown symbolic of innocence and purity. Her hair is flowing and beautiful. It's as if her madness allowed her to return to the perfect little girl she knew her father and her brother wanted her to be. She offers symbolic flowers and only allows herself???" a little rue" which is interpretive of regret. Watching her interact with her brother made me understand how much Ophelia loved Laertes. As she starts to sing she appears to be confirming that Laertes was right about Hamlet??.." ". Her voice is beautiful and seems to give her a pretty quality despite her downward spiral into madness. The singing was not an image I had envisioned for Ophelia, but it made me think she had finally found an outlet for her own voice. When she retreats around the corner it is like a padded room for the mentally insane. a ugly moment of madness into a pretty as she and Ophelia's character than I had given her credit for. t was intriguing to be able to watch the chosen scene several times, making note of different character responses, however, the first preview had the strongest impact for me. The Modern Language Association (MLA) provides guidelines for documentation style. This template is based on commonly used guidelines from the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th edition) and the MLA Style Manual and...

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