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Hamlet Revenge Essay

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Hamlet Revenge Theme Essay

Revenge is the downfall for many people; its consuming nature causes one to act through anger rather than reason. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Shakespeare presents the theme of revenge through the negative influences on characters. Foremost, there is psychological revenge, this is seen through the mental chaos in characters as guilt or an event that haunts their mind. Furthermore, revenge is portrayed through the physical, with the effects of planning to kill and/or killing another. Lastly, revenge is visible through a social lens, characters pan the removal from society and/or the removal of love for another character, and characters also dehumanize ...view middle of the document...

One of the acts of revenge evident throughout the whole play is Hamlet’s chase for revenge on the King; it all starts when he confronts the Ghost. The Ghost reveals to him for Hamlet to, “revenge [King Claudius] foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). Here, the Ghost tells Hamlet to kill the King so the order is restored. The Ghost compares the murder to being unnatural because it is a violation to the natural bond created at birth; brotherhood, since brothers help each other out and are always there for you. This will affect Hamlet with a increase in anger towards his uncle Claudius, the new King of Denmark. In conclusion, physical revenge through killing, or planning to kill, affects many characters with the production of more anger and motivation to kill.
Shakespeare does well with incorporating social revenge, with the removal of someone from society, removal of love, and from isolating someone from certain characters; the affects are that another characters endures heavy temper. King Claudius, in a conversation with Polonius reveals his fear. King Claudius does, “doubt the hidden and disclose will be some danger; which for to prevent, quick determination [to] set it down: [Hamlet] shall be [sped] to England” (3.1.166-269). Here, the King fears that if Hamlet stays in Denmark, there will be danger, especially to his life. To...

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