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Hamlet Speech 850 Words

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The statement that “the more we read others’ opinions of a text, the more developed our own opinion of that text becomes” is true when in reference to William Shakespeare’s 1602 play Hamlet. To examine the relevance of this statement to the given text we must employ the use of historiography and explore how writing and critique on the text has developed through history and how the effect these writings have on us have changed over time. We must also reflect upon meaning in relation to context of the key themes within Hamlet and how this becomes interchangeable within society, and across many generations.
The cause of Hamlets inaction, or indeed indecisiveness, is argued about by readers of ...view middle of the document...

That the self loathing inflicted by the modern man is the key theme in Hamlet, is doubtful on initial viewing of the play, however, as a concept, it becomes more prevalent with research. Each of the characters in the play suffer from self loathing as a result of the perceptions of themselves that are viewed and perhaps discussed by others, and that that self loathing has such an antagonistic role in the piece, it is perhaps commentary by Shakespeare on the modern man and the weakness and friction of the regretful, dystopian mind. With the idea that every character is undergoing self loathing in mind we must look at hamlet and say that his greatest and most vehement critic is himself. He is too well educated to take his revenge in such an uncouth fashion as to accost Claudius and simply murder him, but he despises this, as discussed thoroughly in A.W Schlegel’s Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. As Schlegel states, he fears that “he will be amongst the less guilty or innocent that are equally involved in the destruction” of the state of Denmark. He loathes his inaction to such an extent, that the viewer realises that in actuality Hamlet is of the belief that indeed “brevity is” not “the soul of wit”. This example of hypocrisy is an epitome of hamlets mental cascade and showcases the true weakness of the characters to the well read Shakespearean scholar.
There is a division between scholars over whether we should differentiate or empathise with Hamlets characters, all of...

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