Hardware Chap 2 Reviewing The Basics

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1. How many pins does the P1 connector have that uses the ATX Version 2.2 standard?
24 and is backward compatible with a 20 pin p1 connector
2. What are the maximum dimensions for a motherboard that uses the MicroATX form factor?
9.6” x 9.6”
3. Which form factor is a smaller version of the MicroATX form factor?
4. Which form factor uses a riser card on the edge of the motherboard?
5. How many pins does the main power connector on a BTX motherboard have?
6. Which type of case form factor is best for keeping a system cool?
7. Which type of computer case is most popular for desktop systems?
Mid-tower case
8. What is ...view middle of the document...

Which one component in a high-end gaming computer is likely to draw the most power?
Video card
18. Why is a power supply dangerous even after the power is disconnected?
Capacitors inside a PC power supply create the even flow of current needed by the PC. Capacitors maintain their charge long after current is no longer present, which is why the inside of a power supply can be dangerous even when power is disconnected.
19. Which tool of a PC support technician is the most important tool to protect the system against ESD?
Ground bracelet
20. Which permanently damages a computer component, damage caused by ESD or damage caused by EMI?
21. What is a simple way to detect EMI?
On an inexpensive AM radio, turn the tuning dial away from a station into a low-frequency range. With the radio on, you can hear the static produced by EMI. Try putting the radio next to several electronic devices to detect the EMI they emit.
22. What is an unintended, high-current, closed connection between two points in a circuit called?
A short, or short circuit
23. What device protects a system against lighting strikes but does not protect against sags and brownouts?
Surge protector
24. What device protects a system against blackouts?
25. What two measurements are used to rate the capacity of a UPS?
VA and watts
26. What unit of measure is used to describe...

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