Harley Case Study

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Harley Davidson case study

Harley-Davidson’s business strategy is one that includes exporting as well as being involved in joint ventures.  Because Harley-Davidson bikes proved to be as popular abroad as they were in the United States, the company decided to think more seriously about international markets and exporting.  In addition, Harley launched a joint venture with Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany.  Companies and firms like Harley engage in joint ventures, or co-ownership arrangements, in order to establish a direct investment presence in a foreign country that pool resources and share risks and control for business operations.  In this joint venture with Porsche, Harley hoped ...view middle of the document...

  Producing overseas could also diminish the company’s prestige.  What is meant by this is that when people overseas purchase a Harley, they are purchasing what some call “a piece of the American dream.”  If production is moved overseas, this “feeling” may be lost or not as evident in their lives because Harley’s would not be as special and may become too common. 
Traditionally, the company’s ads had been translated word for word into foreign languages.  Nowadays, the ads are developed specifically for different markets and rallies adapted to fit local customs.  Harley also began to think more seriously about international markets by setting up a branch of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) in Germany to serve European owners and fans.  The H.O.G. gave Harley owners certain benefits such as emergency road service and opportunities to ride with other Harley owners.  Furthermore, Harley began to actively recruit and develop dealers in Europe and Japan in order to improve their human relations.   
This decision made the company stand out more because it made the company sound more prestige.  Instead of being just another company supplying another means of transportation, I think it sent the message across...

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