Harley Davidson The Lifestyle (Case Study)

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2 Synopsis

In this case study we will analyze Harley-Davidson unique way of marketing. How they chose to invest the majority of their marketing budget back in their customers, to give the ultimate Harley experience and way of life. And how all of the above translate to exceptional brand loyalty and growing sales in traditional and new demographics.

3 The Lifestyle

Harley-Davidson has positioned itself as a way of life, with an extremely loyal and growing customer base. Harley Davidson’s H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) has about one million members1, and it is being referred internally as the ‘Original Social ...view middle of the document...

In the U.S., 2012’s sales to these segments grew at twice the rate their traditional U.S. customer base sales for that year6. Sticking to their marketing philosophy (Lifestyle), Harley-Davidson also created additional benefits under H.O.G dedicated for women riding Harley. Their ‘Ladies-Of-Harley’ (LOH) club was established to encourage women to be more involved in the ‘Harley Way of Life’ and community7. Today, 30%-40% of Harley-Davidson riders are women8.

Questions and Answers Q: What does Harley-Davidson position it self in the market and what is the key to its marketing success? A: Harley-Davidson positions itself in the market as a way of life more than just a transportation mode. And the key to its success is the exceptional relationship between the brand and its customers. Harley’s relationship with its customers, is so unique, to the point where Harley-Davidson crowd-sourced most of its marketing campaigns to the customers themselves9, knowing that they know themselves better, and they can do an exceptional job (as they do) in representing the brand.

Q: How does Harley-Davidson build a long-term customer relationship?

5 A: Harley-Davidson encourages their customers to get involved in the brand by customizing their motorcycle and to ‘express their true self in steel, rubber and chrome’10. In addition it is encouraging local clubs, shared rides and trips and other group activities through their H.O.G. club.

Q: What is Harley-Davidson’s value proposition? A: Harley’s value proposition is more in the community and way of life, than anything else they offer. It is the sense of community, belonging, patriotism and the free expression of one’s true self.

Q: Relate the concept of customer equity to Harley-Davidson. How does HarleyDavidson’s strategy focus on the right relationships with the right customers? A: Harley-Davidson has one of the highest customer equity out there. By building a relationship that simulates a cult. Their customers desire the “Harley’s way of life” and show an amazing behavioral loyalty towards the brand. A Harley-Davidson customer is not necessarily a Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner. It is anyone who relates to the Harley experience and way of living. For example, Harley’s clothing line11, the H.O.G. Associate membership12, and other peripheral experiences are addressing...

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