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Harsh Times Which The Jewish People Went Through During Thesecond World War

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
English – Essay

This story is about a young main character who’s name is Bruno, he is a young boy who is the age of nine and is a German. This story gives an impression to the reader of how life for the Jewish people must have been during the Second World War. The author of this story which is John Boyne, does not state the obvious, in other words, he does not describe the violence, he hints at it. Thus, he use’s clothes as an image which can be created in the readers head to show the status of many of the characters. In this essay I will show and reveal the way in which the author of this story use’s clothes as imagery to present to us the different ...view middle of the document...

Not only that it’s the fact that young Kotler flirts with the commander’s wife (Bruno’s Mother) whom I think is very unpleasant of him.
The commander (Bruno’s Father) dresses very smart looking and very handsome indeed because he is the commander after all so he has no choice he has to dress very smart and he already does. He looks very smart in his freshly brand-new pressed uniform, his thick dark hair that is always been freshly lacquered and combed (pages42-43). By Bruno’s point of view his father (The commander) none of Bruno’s fathers soldiers and guests had looked any handsomer than the commander himself. The way the commander dresses is really important for his job because it makes him look big from all the others and the way he dresses keeps his reputation of being a commander. The commander is a very high mannered person in front of his guest’s because he says “Your suggestions and encouragements are very much appreciated” This is quite polite. On Christmas day grandma is upset when she sees her son Ralf (The Commander) and says “I wonder-is this where I went wrong with you Ralf I wonder if all the performance’s I made you give as a boy led you to this. Dressing up like a puppet on a string”. Also she thinks to herself that her son has grown up to be a big man but a bad individual for telling his soldier’s and himself to kill so many innocent men in the concentration camps. And the men and little boys are also Jews.
Pavel is a quiet, patient and a scared person you could tell because in the book whenever Kotler shouts at pavel he always listens to him just like when Kotler says to pavel“Hey, you! Come over here take this little man to the storage shed at the back of the main house. Lined up along the side wall are some old tyres. He will select one and you are to carry it wherever he asks you to, is that understood? ”Yes, sir” (pages74-75).Pavel wears striped clothes and a Jewish band on his arm because the Germans have to know that they are Jews and that they are in the concentration camps but, a white cloth in the house when he was the servant. Old Pavel is treated with contempt by Bruno’s father and Kotler, we know this because at the dinner party we get a hint that Kotler kills Pavel because he spills the wine on lieutenant Kotler and he drags him across the floor to the other room. He is really old and he can’t walk properly because he is weak and doesn’t get much food. Pavel is really caring because when Bruno fell of his swing Pavel helps him by putting a bandage around his knee which is quite caring of him. He is...

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