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Hassles Of The Gym Essay

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There is something gratifying about going to the gym. There is something about sweating it out, working the muscles, and crunching my abs. Not to mention that the fact that I’ll be ripped and stronger, the motivation to exercise even harder is never lacking. There is nothing quite like working the bench press or preacher's curls as I listen to my favourite songs on my iPod. And I feel good at the end of the session, I come out feeling, more masculine, more fulfilled, having achieved something at the end of the day. The problem is the gym itself and the equipment isn’t the best, That’s why I wish I have a home gym , so I can get that same gratifying feeling at home.
Needless Travel Time. I live at least 30-45 minutes away from the closest gym. This means that a daily gym workout will cost me at least ...view middle of the document...

Once you’re at the machine you have to clean it up because the person before you didn’t bother to clean up after themselves! I remember when I used to workout at a gym that I would spend about an average of at least 15-20 minutes per workout waiting on a piece of equipment or a certain space of the gym to complete my daily routine. Not only does this waste a bunch of valuable time and create a detrimental roller coaster of warming-up and cooling-down, but this long stop and go format is completely counter -productive to the appropriate alternating set format and work to rest ratio to burn fat and lose weight fast.
Some of the patrons are even worse than the gym itself. Fragrant people who do not bathe before working out, Grunting loudly while lifting, Shaving legs and cutting toenails in the steam room, Ridding yourself of blackheads in gym-floor mirrors between sets, Going to the gym or yoga studio when they have a cold or any sort of contagion, Leaving sweat in germ pools. This is probably the biggest reason I want a home gym. people are so friggin’ annoying! My workout time is my time and my time alone. I don’t want to talk to anyone and I don’t like being interrupted while I’m working out.
Arriving from the gym one night I decided that I was going to get a home gym. It is convenient. I can go downstairs to the basement, start my warm up exercises, and do my work out. No battling inclement weather, rain or snow. No fighting rush hour traffic. Not waiting for my favourite workout machines to come free. No waiting for the gym to open, I can work out whenever I want and at my own pace. I get to choose my own music, choose my own exercise, no need to travel, no membership fees, no need to concern myself with other people, use it as long as I want, use it anytime I want, no time lost waiting to shower, no rules, no time lost driving to the gym and back.

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