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Hate Crime Essay

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Hate Crime
As a police officer I have seen hate crimes with my own eyes and have seen how they affect not only the victim but the people around them and their communities. A growing trend not just in big cities but in small ones as well is hate crimes against homosexuals and lesbians. It is very often you read an article of racially motivated hate crimes but often crimes against some because of the sexual preference are not as public and it is mostly because of the topic itself. The article I chose to write about was related to a heinous crime against three people because of their sexual preference.
The Collegiate Times wrote this article on October 13, 2010 about nine members of a notorious gang in New York who committed vicious acts against three men because of their sexual preference. The gang ...view middle of the document...

The gang members then went to the older male’s brother’s house and robbed him and beat him as well.
All these acts were committed just because the gang members had hate for homosexuals. This was no gang vengeance or gang war these were innocent victims who preferred to be with the same sex and for these reasons they were violated. The case shows how hate can make a human treat a different human like an animal.
To me a hate crime is defined as a crime committed against someone else or their property because of the hate the suspect has for that person not to benefit the suspect but just for the fact that they have a different sexual preference or because the color of their skin or their religion. I believe a lot of the people who committed these hate crimes are ignorant and not raised or taught very much growing up. Some are even taught to hate from when they were born. This make several generations grow into hate.
I believe in my eyes that these individual should be punished to the fullest extent in the justice system. They should be put in prison for life because individual like this should never be let out to roam the streets with normal people who do not have hate. Hate is so hurtful that it just doesn’t affect the victims it affects families, communities, and the human race in general.
I believe that often hate crimes are over looked or just looked at as crimes but crimes committed just because of hate should have worst sentencing then if the crime was just committed for beneficial reasons. This article was a great example of what a hate crime is how violent they are and how often people over like these crimes. As a police officer and a well raised individual I respect the human race and I don’t believe in hate for any specific reason. I also hope that the justice system continues to evolve and fix the lesser laws for hate crimes.

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