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Hate Crimes And Their Effects On Society

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Hate crimes will likely continue to exist in our society based on the socio-economic factors that influence the nature of these crimes. Hate crimes have long been a problem in American society. This paper will look at some incidents of hate crimes and how they are classified. In this paper, I will also explore who the perpetrators are and how socio-economic factors affect the types of motives that are responsible for these crimes. I will also examine how the legislature chooses which prejudices they want to associate with hate crimes.
In order to understand hate crimes, there are a number of factors that you must consider and understand. Primarily, you must first understand what a hate ...view middle of the document...

Only recently have crimes motivated by bias against a person because of their sexual orientation become classified as a hate crime. There was a time when racially based crimes were not considered hate crimes either. As time passes, more laws are passed to protect against bias motivated crimes by imposing stiffer penalties.
Another factor that must be considered when understanding hate crimes is that you must know the perpetrator and their conscious and unconscious prejudices. Many hate crime offenders feel overwhelmingly powerless growing up. It is almost always a male that commits these crimes, often times seriously abused as a child. He probably feels inferior due to the abuse and as he grows up, learn to compensate but not in a socially acceptable way. He hates out of a profound need to feel good about himself and t feel powerful for the first time in his life. There is also another type of hate that isn’t learned. This type of hate is considered pathological. These types of people make it their mission in life to hate. They are often members of an organized hate group. They can be paranoid and delusional but can appear to the general public to be completely rational. Not all hate crime offenders have been diagnosed with the common mental illnesses. These people are, nevertheless, deeply troubled and at a high risk for violent behaviors.
Socio-economic factors can impact the types of motivations hate crime offenders exhibit. Thrill seeking crimes are almost always committed by youthful offenders, from middle class environments, who are “bored and looking for fun at other’s expense”. Many times the offender motivated in this way may not be especially biased towards...

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