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Hate Crimes Are Unique Essay

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Jennifer Mercado
Project – Module 4


Laws should be strengthened in the states where the crime is committed. I think the definition of a hate crime should be universal.
The ignorance that reigns in this country is unfortunately passed on from generation to generation with little regard for what effects it may render on its audience. Sadly, fear is created from ignorance. Sadder still is that hate spawns from fear, and as represented by the staggering domestic abuse rate, violence is handed down from previous generations as well. The probability and means to cultivate hate crimes is now present and the formula is potent enough to guarantee that they will happen. Hate ...view middle of the document...

There are so many types of hate crimes. These include racial, sexual orientation, gender, minority status, and religion.
Have you or a loved one been targeted in a hate crime? A racial hate crime is any unlawful crimes motivated by one’s bias of a specific group. Racial based crimes are more specific and are considered to be crimes towards an individual or group based upon their particular race. Races which are targeted more often are Indians, African Americans, Caucasians, and Asians. These crimes can consist of different assaults such as intimidation, destruction, property crimes, simple assault, and even an aggravated assault sentence. Racial groups are among the most common targeted in United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigations reported in 2005 that 56 percent of hate crimes consisted of motivation against specific races. Anti black bias in 2005 held an overwhelming majority against all racial groups targeted by these crimes. In United States, these crimes are prosecuted by the federal court. When battered physically or mentally by a hate crime, an individual can endure injuries such as mental impairment and physical disability. Both of these injuries, as well as many others caused by crimes against race, will accrue costly medical expenses. If targeted because of racial bias, a civil rights attorney can help you recover damages for losses, medical expenses, pain and suffering.
Hate crimes based on sexual orientation is now the third largest category in the United States making up 16.6 percent of all reported hate crimes. Only race-based and religion-based hate crimes are more prevalent than hate crimes because of sexual orientation. A major study on hate crimes based on sexual orientation was completed in 1999 by the psychologist Gregory Herek and his colleagues at UC Davis. The study was funded by National Institute of Mental Health, took place over a four year period and sampled 2300 respondents from Sacramento, California and surrounding areas. The sample population a nearly equal number of women and men, with 83% of respondents indicating they were exclusively gay or lesbian and 17% of respondents describing themselves as bisexual. The median age of respondents was 34. One fifth of the study’s respondents were personally interviewed based on their personal experiences. All respondents completed a survey that included questions regarding health, mental health, social activities, and crime. The salient results of the study was published in a number of journals and as follow: hate crimes based on sexual orientation were less likely than other crimes to be reported to the police, one fifth of the women and one fourth of the men in the study reported experiencing a crime based on their sexual orientation. The types of victimization included vandalism, theft, assault, rape, and robbery, 16% of the respondents have been targets of employment discrimination because of their sexual orientation, lesbian and gay survivors of...

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