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Over the years there have been debates and arguments about Capital Punishment. There are all kinds of people that are for it and then there are all kinds of people against it. People that are against it say that it is injustice and cruel. Well those people may be right, but I feel that we should have Capital Punishment in the USA.
In today’s courts innocent people do go to jail for crimes they didn’t commit. When they do go to jail, human do like they normally do and make mistakes by putting some guy on death row and then weeks or even years later are executed. Then there is nothing that you can do to take back what you did. If we didn’t have Capital Punishment we would not worry ...view middle of the document...

Instead of robbing banks they will go out and shoot someone. Criminals are always criminals and you can’t change them. There are a lot of people kidnapping little girls and killing them and what do we do, slap those on the wrist, since we can’t hold them in are jails. I thought people on Death Row were meant to die soon, or is that another name for life without parole. There are murders that should be killed, like Charles Manson. How many people did he kill? Like the old Greeks an eye for an eye. Sure we will lower our level but nobody wants Capital Punishment, but they want people to stop killing people. Maybe if we stop talk about killing people and just strap them in the chair and do something about the over crowding. We have to have Capital Punishment; it helps with the clearing out of Death Row. People will kill people because they know it will take years before anything is done to them. All we need to do is getting rid of the murders. What have they done besides kill off their own people? If we just did that then everyone would think twice about killing someone. How many of the people that are against have a security system in their home or always watches their kids? If you have to do that in America then there is something seriously wrong today. Marc Klaas from Newsweek says “I’ll be there to watch my 12-year-old daughter’s murderer go down”. Klaas had a daughter that was kidnapped and then murdered and he will never...

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