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Having A Second Father: My Grandpa

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Having a Second Father: My Grandpa

It has been five years since I have spoken to my father. I was three years old when my parents got a divorce. Both my mom and dad remarried, however my dad didn’t waste any time in doing so. After he was married, I felt that I wasn’t a part of his new life. We had our problems like any relationship between children and parents, but most of the problems resulted from interference from his new wife.

We would disagree on many things because of his wife. Her inputs and thoughts that she voiced oh so well became overwhelming. I know that it is easy to disagree with a parent at any time, however it is even more so when the parent is remarried with ...view middle of the document...

As a young child, everyone wants to fit in with his or her friends. Most of my friends’ parents were not divorced. They would have stories to tell about spending the day with their family. When it came time for me to share a story I would have one and it was great because it was about me and my mom, but it wasn’t like theirs…including their whole family. At my moms house I had many friends. They all lived in the same neighborhood and went to my school. When I had to go away to my dad’s it was like I was left out of everything that my friends were doing. I didn’t know any of the kids that lived near my father, so I couldn’t go and play. I would sit indoors and become bitter at the fact that I had to be at my dad’s house. All I wanted was to be at home with my mom.

When I went to his house all I wanted was to be back at home with my mom and the life that I was used to. He lived about 20 minutes away from my house. His home was never really a warm, comfortable place for me to be. Primarily because of his wife and new family, I never felt that I was welcome in his home. He had two other daughters and a stepdaughter who lived with him, most people would say that they were my half siblings, but I do not look at them as in any relation to me. I didn’t expect to have them cater to my needs by any means, but I was the one that was being uprooted and being made to leave where I was “at home.” At my house, I was an only child so it was very different for me. I had to go to his house every other weekend. His wife would be the one that picked me up after I got out of school on Friday, and then my mom would come and get me at his house on Sunday evening.

I was always a momma’s girl as I still am today. There is a bond between mothers and a child as well as fathers and a child that is so strong. In my situation the bond between my mother and I is so much stronger than that of my fathers and mine. Our relationship just can’t be broken. Early in my life I had what I felt was a special relationship with my father. We used to go to eat on Tuesdays together, play outside, watch television, and do things that a father and child do. It all changed as the years passed. By the time I was 10, there was a huge difference from what things used to be like. He began to drift away from me and closer to his wife as her insecurities and threats grew because of his love for me increased. I realized that our relationship wasn’t a true meaningful relationship to him. It has to mean something to both parties for it to last. When a parent can turn their back on their child…I loose respect for them entirely.

Even when a child is a momma’s girl like I am there are times when a child wants their father. I didn’t have that opportunity. Having that void in my life, I found a second father. Well to me he is like my only father. To me a father is supposed to be there for you and love you unconditionally no matter what. My grandpa did just that for me. ...

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