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Hca 430 Final Assignment

770 words - 4 pages


Debra L. Immel
HCA 311 Human Resources Management
Business Plan
Instructor: Volante Henderson
July 22, 2013

Job Description
The purpose of an accurate job description is exactly what it sounds like it is. An accurate and concise job description prepared by the well-informed human resource manager would give a prospective employee an idea of what the job would require at a minimum level to fulfill the needs of the specific ...view middle of the document...

Directly and indirectly supervise unlicensed and/or less skilled staff including CNAs, LPNs, chaplain and social workers.
Consult and coordinate treatment plan with primary doctor and medical director.
Tools and Technology
Must be able to use basic nursing equipment such as stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, tympanic thermometer, portable pulse oximeter and tape measure.
Must be proficient in computer use of computers for emailing, medical record charting and care plan development. Medical charting system used is ECS Documentation.
Knowledge of the human body and disease processes.
Knowledge of the English language, including the written and oral language using proper grammar and rules of composition.
Knowledge of the principles and methods of effective conflict resolution and/or management (Scher, 2006).
Knowledge of human behavior and grieving process.

Skills and Abilities
Active listening skills and effective oral and written communication skills. The ability to speak clearly.
Critical thinking and decision making skills, with the ability to consider the risk and benefits of the different potential options and choosing the most appropriate one.
Educational Requirements
Minimum Associate’s degree in nursing, bachelor’s degree in nursing preferred from an accredited college or university.
Current State Registered Nurse license.
Basic CPR certification for adult, child and baby.
The best prospective employees are asked to submit their resume to Debra Immel, Director of Human Resources. After careful review, all those submitting an application will be contacted to arrange future interview or to be given notice of declination if necessary. A resume...

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