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Health And Disease In Human History

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The technologies and abilities encouraging human mobility have been an essential force in the shaping of global history. Ranging from footwear to airplanes, advancements in travel have resulted in both positive and negative consequences. A pioneering human spirit has led to extensive voyages seeking new lands, which explorers have found beneficial and detrimental. One of the most important components influencing the success or failure of exploration has been the effect of disease. It has acted as an important tool of conquest, as well as a useful deterrent against it. The transmission and spread of various sicknesses have proven effective in aiding colonization and extracting resources ...view middle of the document...

Due to severe lack of natural immunity among people native to the Americas, European diseases spread very quickly, decimating whole civilizations. A tragic example of this is the extinction of the indigenous Taino people on the island of Hispaniola. Smallpox first broke out among them in 1518, as a result of the Spanish arrival. When Christopher Columbus first arrived there in 1492, the Taino numbered upwards of five to six million people. However, once the Spanish began searching Hispaniola for gold and other such things, the Taino were swept with the arrival of smallpox. By 1550, the few remaining survivors of the Taino, unable or unwilling to reproduce, eventually faded from existence, signaling the termination of a whole people by European disease (Watts 88). From Hispaniola, the disease spread to Cuba and Puerto Rico, killing a third of the latter island's population (Watts 89). The Aztec empire was another notable victim of Spanish-transmitted smallpox.

After the initial devastation of newly introduced diseases, the health of inhabitants is forever weakened. Diseases become endemic to a population, creating an opportunity for infections to attack at any time. New generations may develop immunity, but the chance to become infected still exists (Ponting 231). This represents an altering of ecological and biological fabric as a result of the movement of disease via human travel.

However, disease also worked in a reverse fashion, protecting native inhabitants from those attempting to colonize them. In the early stages of exploration Europeans sailed to Africa and Asia, where they were exposed to diseases like malaria and yellow fever (Adas 24). They did not have immunity to these illnesses and, as a result, became...

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