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The movement of people, animals and animal products for commercial reasons is also causing an increase in the spread of animal diseases across borders. The United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) issued the warning in a statement. Have recently been diagnosed for the first time some animal diseases areas outside their "normal" home, and sometimes even thousands of miles away.

For example: More than 50 people died in Yemen because of a suspected outbreak of Rift Valley fever (Rift Valley fever) also recorded numerous cases of abortions and deaths of young calves in the area between the province of Al-Hudaydah to the west coast of the country.
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On the other hand there is great concern about the most effective measures to control animal health risks related to food safety. In this field of particular interest campaigns for the eradication of brucellosis and tuberculosis and the prevention of the entry of BSE. However as a result of population growth, the expansion of the world economy, liberalization of food trade, and the progress of science and technology, international trade in fresh and processed foods is expanding and continue to increase.

The most notable benefit is for a farmer's pocket. Although a genetically modified seed is more expensive, its use promises more fertile seeds than conventional.
Another reason beneficial for companies that make use of these transformations is herbicide resistance, as their use immune to growing leaves, attacking only alien flora.
Many of these plants are also developed to survive insect pests - one of the most destructive elements in agriculture. The benefit here is to make use of less use of insecticides on plantations with these varieties...

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