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Health And Safety In Health Care

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A hazard is anything that can cause harm and we are faced with many potential hazards everyday that can affect us. In a general hospital there are many risks that could cause a potential hazard.

Wet floors are a big potential hazard. Hospitals have to wash floors everyday to avoid bacteria and people on the ward can slip if there shoes have no grip. This can cause back injuries to the spine, broken bones, bruising and in worst case permanent damage like paralysing a person.

Infection and bacteria are also a big potential hazard in a general hospital. This can cause colds which can be easily medicated or MRSA which is a serious bacterial infection. MRSA can cause meningitis ...view middle of the document...

coli. General hygiene is very important too, gloves and aprons must be worn too prevent the spreading of bacteria and infections. Equipment should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to stop bacteria to. Failure to do so can lead to infections.

Disposal of hazardous waste is a very serious potential hazard. Staff should take care when disposing soiled dressings, nappies and incontinence pads. These should be put in a yellow clinical waste bag, they are then incinerated which will destroy any micro-organism. Needles and syringes can cause needle-stick injuries if not disposed in a sharp box. Even though there is a small risk of it happening, HIV and hepatitis B virus may be contracted by a needle-stick injuries.

Some acts, procedures and regulations can stop some of these potential hazards happening.

The Food Safety Act 1990 provides the framework for all food legislation in Britain . The main responsibilities in the act is to ensure that there isn’t anything harmful in the food which can damage the person health by eating it, to ensure that the food that is served or sold is the quality the consumers would expect and to make sure the food is advertised and presented in a way that is not false or misleading. The Food Safety (general food hygiene) Regulations (1995) enforce the act by aiming to prevent the number of food poising case. They are doing this by making sure food preparation area are kept clean, foods are cooked thoroughly and that cross-contamination is prevented.
Cross contamination is avoided by using separate chopping boards for separate foods in care home kitchens. By using this safety measure we are preventing patients being poisoned. This is important for the elderly as there immune system is weaker and will affect them more. Hygiene is also very important in promoting safety of the client. By having stainless steel tables, the care home’s kitchen will be easy to clean which means a lack of microbes being produced which can lead to food poisoning. Some care homes have elbow taps which prevents microbes from being transferred back on the...

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