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Health And Safety Issue In Rmg Industry In Bangladesh

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In light of the unfortunate incident of fire at the Hameem group’s That’s it Sportswear Unit, which cost the lives of so many innocent workers, BNC and other Trade Unions of Bangladesh have taken a unified stand on presenting this ‘CHARTER OF DEMANDS’ to the visiting delegation of Brands including Gap, J.C. Penny and Wal- Mart (and all other buyers from the Hameem group). In the name of the workers of Hameem, the Trade Unions of Bangladesh demand the following:-

1) The total compensation paid to the worker’s family by the Brands to be based on the loss of earning of the dead or injured workers. (So far, Hameem group has given 1,50,000 taka to the next of kin and family members of the deceased workers on 31/1/2011).

2) The Brands along with the industry to put together a ...view middle of the document...

4) I on behalf of trade union movement in Bangladesh urges to the Brands, Buyers and Retailers to Race the Prices of the sourcing apparels and exercise ethical buying practice so that our manufacturer would be financially sound enough to pay the living wages of the workers.

5) The Hameem incident follows a series of other fire safety related incidents over the years that have negatively affected the lives of workers in the Bangladeshi RMG sector. So far the issues of compensation and related themes have followed an adhoc approach. BNC and the other trade unions have been one of the first unified groupings to ask for the setting up of a ‘ Bangladeshi Garment Workers Trust Fund’ (BGWTF),which is a fund set up by the various stakeholders active in the RMG sector. These include all the Brands, retailers and Agents sourcing from Bangladesh; all the manufacturers who supply garments to the international labels; and the Government of Bangladesh. This ‘Trust Fund’ would be a fair way of ensuring that the current and future needs of the worker and their families would be taken care of.
6) The BNC and other trade unions of Bangladesh recommend that the BGWTF be set up in the following way:-
• All Brands, Retailers and Agents sourcing from Bangladesh to contribute 10 cents per garment into the BGWTF.
• All Suppliers to contribute 5 taka per month per worker into the Trust fund, which will be matched by the worker’s own contribution of 5 taka per month into this fund.
• The Government of Bangladesh contributes 5 taka per worker per month into this fund.
• This fund will have a multi stakeholder oversight committee, constituting the industry, government, brand and trade union representatives who will frame the rules and mechanisms for compensation, disbursement etc. to workers in the event of any unfortunate tragedy or even as a pension fund.

7) BNC and other trade unions of Bangladesh would like to convene a high level multi stakeholder meeting related to all the above issues in early March in Dhaka, in order to move the process of compensation and the Trust Fund forward.

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