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Health And Social Care Essay

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The functionalist perspective is a very important perspective as it focuses on describing each part of society and how they all add to the overall society. The different parts all depend on one another and include the government, which provides children with the education they need, this will then lead on to them being more likely to get a higher paid job which means that there are more taxes paid which helps to keep the government running. With this system, society will be stable and promote productivity but if it does not go to plan, parts of the system will fail and have to find new order and stability. Functionalism highlights the order that exists in society and focuses ...view middle of the document...

This perspective believes that being ill leads of consequences as if the individual wasn’t ill they would be at work or in education but being ill means they are not working and others must take their time to care for the ill person.

This perspective is wholly centred around Karl Marx's (1863) concern with how individuals behaviour can shape society. He thought that there were two classes which were the capitalists who were a small but powerful group who owned factories and other places that employed people and the proletariat who were a much larger but poorer group of people who did the work in the factories. Marxism is often called the 'conflict model' as the two groups in question would often have conflicts as the workers always wanted higher wages but the employers always wanted more profits. People who believe in the Marxism perspective, Marxists, say that the employing, or ruling, class hold the power and shape society as they control the media system and it is their ideas that have a big impact on what is taught in schools. Marxists, like functionalists, believe that the family is what contributes to a stable society and say that it prepares children for the discipline and routine of work as children have the lowest power in the family, they will have the lowest power when they go to work as they will be told what to do by their managers and bosses. The family is also seen to provide a home where people can go to get rested and prepare for their return to work the next day in order to make bigger profits for their boss. Marxists also believe that children born within the nuclear family have every right to the family's inheritance of wealth.
Marxist Sociologists believes that the services provided for ill health are for the higher classes of richer people rather than the poorer lower class people. For Marxists, doctors and nurses are seen as people who do all they can in order to help an individual to get better as soon as possible so that they can return to work sooner and because of this, they believe that doctors work to the interests of employers rather than the ill employee. Marxists see the job doctors do as a way of ensuring the employers workforce are healthy and able to work to their best but disagree with the fact that the government allows profits to be made from companies selling items that can cause individuals to become ill such as junk food and cigarettes. Marxists, unlike functionalists, believe that different types and severity of illnesses are related to what social class you are in, such as in lower classes there is a lot of poverty and therefore more illnesses arise from this problem. As there is less employment for the lower class they have less money to pay for items that may help them to stay healthy such as foods rich in vitamins or cannot pay for medicines when they do get ill. Marxists believe that the government do nothing to prevent or help with this issue, and many others that cause illness in...

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