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Health And Wholeness Essay

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A number of research studies have shown that in most Ugandan cultures men are not concerned about maternal and child health problems. As a Village Health Team [VHT], investigate the cause of such discrepancy and propose practical methods how the aspect of social inclusion can be achieved.

Culture refers to the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time. : a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art of thinking. In Uganda it is embraced with different cultures for example, the Banyankole, Buganda, Acholi, Sebei, Karamajong all have different cultural beliefs for example the Bagisu circumcise ...view middle of the document...

So this makes the men of Uganda not to care about the maternal and child health welfare, since as much as they would like to access it, they cannot afford it because it is beyond their means.
Cultural and traditional beliefs; some cultures do not believe in modern medicine and health practices especially when it is related to maternal and child health care precautions, for example most cultures have resented their children to be immunized, they have norms and beliefs that the medicine used in immunization is to deduce and erase out their blood lines by the western influence through medical practices. So with these perceptions it is very difficult for men in these cultures to adopt or care about maternal and child health welfare, since it affects them adversely meaning it is against their culture.
Medical institutions in Uganda are not well facilitated i.e. expectant women who try and go to get antenatal care do not get enough professional care at delivery. Only a third of women delivery in medical institutions, meaning that this kills the momentum and morale to delivery and access maternal and child health care from the medical institutions, because they have lost faith in them for they cannot deliver and lack trust in them as result .
Doctor to patient ratio; In Uganda today the number of patients’ increases everyday compared to the number of qualified and specialist medical personnel. You will find that in most medical institutions in rural areas one doctor say plus 2 nurses is attending to 200-300 expectant mothers and children per day. This will lead to long waits, exhaustion and lack of moral for both the patients and the medical personnel due to overwhelming numbers making it very difficult to for our people in all cultures to access maternal and health care. So once people understand that this route is difficult to access, they ignore it for an alternative cultural custom, hence taking less concern in attaining of maternal and health care.
In some Ugandan cultures, especially the northern region ,you will find that women are the bread, making it difficult for them to have maternal leave and child health care, due to the immense responsibilities on their shoulders, so with such you find that they will opt to ignore the maternal and child health welfare/care for easier and non-inconveniencing options . They will have to be diligent to make ends meet even at the time of delivery, they are still the ones responsible for the household bringing about an in balance hence failure to attend to maternal and child health welfare.
Hard to reach areas; Most health facilities especially in rural areas are too far/ no transport for them making it hard to access medical institutions and attend to maternal and health care . This is very sensitive, so they resort to use of traditional medicines which are nearer to them than to travel extensive miles to seek medical services.
Most Ugandan cultures have not been attending to child health and...

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