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Health Care Essay

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My topic of discussion is “The public healthcare provided by our government is killing more people than saving lives.” I certainly agree with this statement because our healthcare service provided by our government is deteriorating.
Our healthcare system is failing due to various reasons, some of which include shortage of doctors, nurses leaving the public sector and going for greener pastures, administrative chaos, lack of medication and equipment to perform surgery.
South Africa’s health department has acknowledged that rural public health facilities are facing a shortfall of thousands of doctors. Some state hospitals and clinics in the countryside don’t have a single doctor. Doctors are exhausted because they are doing a lot of work without the resources that are required to do the job, which is immensely frustrating, and also with too few staff.
South African state nurses are also abandoning the public health sector. Unfavourable working ...view middle of the document...

It has been stated in an article that hospitals and clinics endure regular shortages of the “most basic” of medical apparatus. Hospitals have run out of surgical gloves and oxygen many times before, which has even resulted in death.
Here are a few of the articles that I would like to mention.
The first article, “Blind twins to be paid R4.3million.” I was devastated when I read this article. Twin boys went blind after being born prematurely at Dora Nginza Hospital in Zwide, Port Elizabeth. The cause of this being shortly after their birth the boys were exposed to light far too harsh for their eyes while in an incubator for the first 2 months of their lives. Due to our failing health system and the negligence of the hospital, these boys have to endure this lifetime disability.
Another failure in the health system is the most recent article in the Weekend post dated 5 April 2014, “Family tells how baby died after `simple op’.”
Little Phoebe Rondganger, who was 15 months old, died at the Provincial Hospital in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday shortly after undergoing an operation that is considered non-invasive. She was born with a small hole in her heart and underwent her first surgery in March last year, shortly after birth, when a device was fitted to block the hole. But her annual check-up this March revealed the device had shifted and would have to be readjusted, hence the recent operation. The doctors assured the family it would be a “simple procedure.” Now they are battling to understand how Phoebe could have died- and why hospital officials only notified police of their little girl’s death two days later. The department’s spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the child’s death was possibly related to the anaesthetic that was used. This is a very unexpected and tragic incident for the parents because when they admitted their daughter they had no idea that they would lose their child.
If the healthcare system continues in this way more lives will be lost and more families will be hurt. In South Africa if you do not have medical aid then you are bound to face the horrible consequences of the state hospitals. Something needs to be done urgently about the failing healthcare system; South Africa should look at other countries healthcare system and improve their system.

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