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Health Care At The Border Essay

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The Department of Health in Duval County (DOH in Duval) is the public health provider in the city of Jacksonville. DOH in Duval is one of 66 county health departments in the state of Florida. Some health departments in the state of Florida service smaller surrounding counties that neighbor larger counties. For example, the DOH in Duval County also services, Nassau, and clay counties that neighbor Duval County. The Jacksonville area is home to over a million people . The DOH served 800,000 residents in 2012 (DOH, 2014). The size of the DOH in Rival County has grown tremendously in the last 15 years. Employees for the department have increased from 300 to 800 employees. The budget has also increased to 45 million from 13 million in the early 90's.
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Efforts have been made to create spacious, state of the art facilities and resource centers. The DOH in Duval has included the community in several capacities to improve healthcare and the location of funds through the region. Focus groups and advisory councils meet with DOH officials to discuss and assess the needs within the region. 
Although the budget has increase since the early 90's so has the need in the region. Unfortunately the massive 45 million dollar budget is not as lucrative as it may seem. Previously the sole determiner of the allocation of funds was the DOH assessment results and city council members. The DOH has taken a different approach as of late.
The DOH relies heavily on community partnerships to carry out many of its programs and services. These community outlets are able to use private funds in addition to public funds to allocate necessary Public Health programs and services within the region. The DOH in Rival usually oversea and approves literature and program guidelines within the community entities.
Levels of funding have taken a drastic turn. Trending across the state and the country as a result of the Affordable Care Act is an emphasis on preventative care. The JCC as a result received increased funding in recent years to support health and nutrition in an attempt to prevent and reduce childhood obesity and type II diabetes in adolescents. Legislative changes were made to physical education curriculum within the school system.  The National Football League joined the cause creating “Play 60" and punitive to encourage children to get outside for 60 minutes per day. This is another example of private sectors helping public efforts.

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