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Health Care Communication Methods Essay

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Health Care Communication Methods


As the health care communications coordinator for Allen’s National Drug Company LLC, it is of top priority to discuss the national reports of significant negative effects caused by one of our drugs. This drug happens to be prescribed to a significant number of the population. This story came to light when an individual whom is well known to the public has suffered negative side effects of this drug. We will now discuss and brainstorm all of the possible ways to notify the public of this scare with great consideration of patient privacy and HIPAA regulations. We will discuss the advantages ...view middle of the document...

There are many forms of traditional communication such as newspaper, magazines and even face to face interaction. With traditional forms of communication there are many advantages, the first is that the communication coordinator can be precise when communicating the concerns associated with the drug when writing in things such as a magazines or newspapers. There is also a great disadvantage when trying to using traditional form of communication when trying to communicate a message of this magnitude. This form of communication only reaches a limited number of receivers. Depending on where the message is published we have to be concerned of how big the audience is and what type of audience is going to be receiving the message. There are great concerns with also language barriers, as well as age limits. Therefore trying to resolve this issue through traditional communication might not be the best route.
The next method of communication that we have to take in to consideration would be forms of social media as a mode of communication. These methods include television and radio. The first advantage in using these forms of social media would be definitely reaching a bigger audience on a larger scale. The audience again would include but not limit to people of all race gender and age groups. We would then be able to convey our message with a little bit more emotion. We could at this point express our concern for this issue through tone and our urgency to get the situation under control as well. The disadvantages of using this method would be the cost aspect of publication on TV and the radio. To broadcast on multiple TV channels and multiple radio stations might not be the most cost effective route to go.
Next method of communication that we have to consider would be electronic. This method consists of, communicating through entities such as, the internet and e-mail. There are many advantages to this form of communication, in the aspect of possibly reaching out to more of the public. Reason being the in this day in age more and more people are using the internet as their main source to keep up on current events and the news. There for this method would be a great way to spread the message. The other benefit from using electronic communication as a method is the fact that we can send out a lot of information quickly and all at once. There is also the idea of blogging or setting up some sort of online chat with some of the people that think that they might have been affected by these adverse effects. Therefore we would then be able to have a record and deal with the situation head on. According to Healthworks Collective The following are positive examples of social media use from a survey performed by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and...

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